Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 1st August 2019 Written Update

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 1st August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 1st August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rama telling Pujan Pandey that Suman didn’t do a big mistake that they can’t rectify. Pujan Pandey asks her to stop it else he will punish her. He says we did a big mistake and was not known about what is happening. He says Rukmani wasn’t aware of it. He says I will not rectify the mistake, but will pluck it out from its roots. He asks Lakhan to lock Suman in room and keep eye on her. Suman says you can’t do this. Pujan Pandey says you don’t know what I can do and says I pray that such time don’t come. Suman cries and asks Lakhan to leave her. Rukmani worries for Suman and thinks Pujan Pandey will destroy everything. Later Badal is drinking wine. Ashok tries to stop him and asks since when you have become weak. Badal recalls Pujan Pandey insulting him badly

and breaks the bottle. Ashok says if Chachi comes to know then she will scold us. Badal goes home drunk. His mum scolds him. Badal says I was with Ashok. His mum scolds him and says don’t know you have become devdas in whose love. Guddi comes and asks what happened? Mother says don’t know why he got drunk? He goes inside the house and makes his father have the tablets. She asks from where we will get the money for your father’s treatment. Badal says I know my responsibility and goes out. Guddi comes to her and asks what happened. Badal says everything ended, Suman is getting married, but I won’t let her marriage happen.
Pujan Pandey gives gun to Lakhan and says you know what to do. Lakhan touches his feet and goes. Rukmani comes there and is shocked. Pujan Pandey asks why did you get shock, why there is a question mark on your face. He says what do you think that I will leave that guy, who entered my daughter’s room and dared to love her. He says that guy is gone. Rukmani recalls Suman telling that he is her husband and asks him to leave him. She says if suman comes to know then. Pujan Pandey says Suman will not know and says that guy will not see tomorrow’s sun.

In the morning, Suman comes to Badal’s house and see his family mourning for his death. She shouts Badal seeing his dead body. It turns out to be her bad dream. She tells herself that it was her bad dream. Shashi comes there and asks did you see bad dream? She says you was innocent and stupid too. She says you told your Bau ji about Badal and the result will be his death. She asks her to elope with Badal if she wants to see him alive.

Kamal comes to badal and asks him to go. Badal asks him not to give him stupid idea. Kamal says Lakhan Pandey and his men are searching you and asks him to take his family with him. Suman asks Shashi if this is her game plan. Shashi says I am not your enemy. Suman says Bau ji loves me a lot and he will accept badal too. Shashi says you don’t know him and gives CD asking her to see what happened in Shukla’s son marriage. Suman puts the CD and sees Pujan Pandey and Lakhan shooting the bride, groom and the guests. Suman says this is not true. Shashi says your father is not devta, but a dangerous man. She tells her that he will never understand your love and says what do you think that Shukla’s case was first or last and says as far as I know them, Lakhan must have went to kill Badal and her family. Suman is shocked. Badal sends his family with Ashok, his mum refuses to go though.

Lakhan and his men enter the house to do the shoot out. He finds badal’s blood on floor and says lets see outside. Badal is hiding under the bed and comes out. He tries to take the glass piece from his feet. Lakhan aims gun at him. Shashi tells Suman that death is reaching Badal and asks her to accept the fact. Suman is shocked. Lakhan laughs. Badal’s mum comes there and asks what are you doing? Lakhan says whom to kill first, what will be more enjoyable. His mum asks what wrong did he do and asks if he is not happy after snatching her husband’s job. Lakhan shouts at her and tells her that he is after their daughter. Badal’s mum asks him to tell if her dream and his responsibility towards them matters to him or that girl. Lakhan asks him to not to dare to take Suman’s name.

Precap: Badal asks Lakhan’s man to tell Pujan Pandey that he will not leave Lakhan until he gets assurance that nothing will happen to his family. Pujan pandey says badal is gone. Suman picks the gun shockingly. Badal’s mother asks him to choose between Suman and them.

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