Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 29th July 2019 Written Update

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 29th July 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 29th July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shashi coming to Pujan Pandey’s room. Pujan Pandey asks her to come. Just then his phone rings. He picks the call and asks if the work is done. He then says ok, its good. Shashi gets a call. Pujan Pandey asks her to receive the call and says someone wants to talk to you urgently. The goon on call tells that Anjali met with an accident. Shashi drops the phone tensedly. Pujan Pandey asks if your niece reached up and says I don’t stop to punish someone, your niece accused and insulted my daughter and me. He says you got a call that she met with an accident and died. He says I got the accident done and says I know that your niece used to dance on someone’s signs. He asks did you call her? Shashi tells that she called Anjali to keep eye on Suman and Badal. Pujan Pandey

says I will cut your tongue. Shashi tells that Suman is like her daughter and this is our house. She tells that she had a doubt on them and wants to stop before it is too late. She says I sacrificed my niece for Suman and says smoke doesn’t arise without the flame. Pujan Pandey gets doubtful.
Later Rukmani gets worried thinking where did her husband go? Lakhan and Chandrama come there. Lakhan says he didn’t take the car also. Pujan Pandey comes there and says I went to temple to take blessings of God after doing a good work. He says I met Pandit ji whom you met. Rukmani says I wanted to tell you. Pujan Pandey says Pandit ji told me that in her kundali, it is written that her marriage happened. Rama says Pandit ji did a mistake in calculating. Pujan Pandey says Pandit ji is vidhvan and such mistakes happen. He says it is God’s blessings and keeps chunari on Suman. He says my daughter Suman’s marriage is fixed for this month. Suman is shocked. He says Suman’s inlaws called me and wants to meet her. Chandrama and Lakhan congratulate him. Pujan Pandey congrats Rukmani. Shashi congrats him and says this work is good. Shashi tells Rukmani that she has hidden something from me for the first time and says I hope this is the last time. Suman runs to room. Pujan pandey laughs and says she is feeling shy. Suman thinks how can bau ji do this? She says how Badal will react, I have to tell him. She calls him. Badal is in his house. His mum asks him to keep the box on the almari. He sees her call and picks it. Just then Mohan faints and fall down. Badal drops his phone on the ground and he runs to Mohan Ram. Suman calls him on call. They rush him to hospital. His mother cries. Badal pacifies her.

Rukmani asks Suman why she is tensed? Suman says Bau ji has fixed my marriage date believing Anjali’s words. Rukmani says you knew that you will get married soon and says what is her problem. She asks her to tell if she has hidden anything from her. Suman looks on. Rukmani asks if there is something in your heart then bury it right here, don’t play with the fire. Suman gets teary eyes.

Badal comes to his mum in the hospital and says Papa is fine. She asks where is Guddi? Badal asks her to go home with Guddi and asks Ashok to bring Rickshaw. His mum says I will not go. Badal asks her to go and rest. Ashok takes them. Badal thinks he couldn’t talk to Suman. Suman sees his pic and asks where are you? your Suman is very alone. Shashi comes there and asks if she is missing Badal and asks her to call him. She asks if he is not picking the call and eloped fearing he will be caught. Suman says you are even now doubting on me. Shashi says I am sure that you both love each other even now. Suman gets tensed.

Precap: Suman comes to meet Badal. Badal says I can’t leave my Papa. Suman says I am married to you and is your wife. She hugs him and cries. Rukmani sees them and gets shocked.

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