Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 30th July 2019 Written Update

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 30th July 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 30th July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shashi asking Suman if Badal eloped. Suman says yesterday I made it clear that there is nothing between us. Shashi says I am sure that you both love each other and says I know you want to hide it, your bau ji will never accept it. Suman says you shall write a novel and makes good stories. She says I just respect Badal. Shashi says how to leave you alone, your marriage is in this month only, if you want then I can help you. Suman asks her to go else she will tell Bau ji that she is provoking her. Suman goes. Doctor comes out and tells Badal that his father is serious and his kidneys are failed. He says he has even BP and diabetes. He says he is not getting BP and Diabetes treated. Badal is shocked and says he must not be knowing about the illness. Doctor says he shall

get dialysis done all life. Badal asks about the expenses. Doctor says 500 Rs. per sitting. Pallavi comes there and asks in reception. Badal meets her. Pallavi asks how is he? Badal says Doctor said that he is much unwell. Pallavi says Suman is there. He comes there and hugs her. Le jaye kahan plays…..
Badal says I missed you all night here. Suman says I don’t want anyone acceptance and says we shall run away from here. She says Bau ji wants her to marry this month only and says we shall elope before something wrong happens. Badal asks what are you saying? She says you know how is my Papa and says you didn’t ask about him. He asks her not to be selfish and think about herself. Suman says I know about your father’s condition and asks him to understand that if she goes today then she can’t come back. Badal says I can’t leave him. He says my mind is not working. Suman says how can I marry? Badal asks her to go. Suman says I am your wife, how can I go where my marriage plan is going on. She hugs him and cries. Le jaye song plays again. Rukmani hears her and is shocked. Guddi comes there and is shocked to see their hug. She says Doctor is calling you. Suman cries and sees Rukmani there.

Badal’s mother asked Doctor what happened to him. Doctor says his both kidneys failed and they have to get his dialysis done. He asks Badal to pay the bill for his discharge. Badal’s mum gets worried and thinks how did this happen. Badal says everything will be fine and holds his father’s hand. She asks him to ask money from his employer and hugs her.

Pujan pandey sits to have food and asks about Rukmani and Suman. Rama says Rukmani didi went to temple. She says Suman must be in room. Rama says she must have gone with Rukmani. Shashi comes and says she must have went to hospital as Badal’s father is in hospital. She says Suman must have went to offered help. Pujan Pandey asks Chandrama to handle his wife. He asks Lakhan to find where is Suman?

Suman asks Rukmani to look at her. Rukmani slaps her. Suman asks for forgiveness. Rukmani says you call me as your mother and hid a big fact from me. She says why you did marry and asks if you don’t want me to be daughterless mother and wants the man who is fighting with death to lose his son. She says what did you do? Suman says I love badal very much. Rukmani says your father will never accept the guy whom you loves and if he comes to know that many will be killed. She says this thing shall not come out and asks her to bury it right here. Suman says he is my husband. Rukmani keeps hand on her mouth and tells that pralay will happen. She says your bau ji can do anything. Suman says she will convince him. Rukmani says he values just his respect, values and pride. Suman asks will you support me? Rukmani says I can’t support you in this matter.

Shashi scolds Shashi and asks him why is he provoking Pujan pandey. Shashi says she has lost her niece. Chandrama asks what? Shashi says Pujan Pandey got her accident. Chandrama says he got her killed. He says I am feeling bad and asks if she wants revenge. She says this is her family and says she knows that Suman loves badal very much. Chandrama says you are telling the probability. Shashi says truth will be out soon and I will see with whom you will stand, with Suman who is truthful or with pujan pandey who is against her. Rukmani comes home. Pujan Pandey asks about Suman and asks do you know where your daughter went? Suman comes there. Pujan Pandey asks from where you are coming? He asks if you remember that you are getting married soon and asks her not to test his love. He asks where was you? Suman looks on.

Precap: Pujan pandey beats Badal and asks him to come and take the money after Suman gets married. Suman confesses to love Badal.

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