Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 31st July 2019 Written Update

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 31st July 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 31st July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pujan Pandey asking Suman from where is she coming? Rukmani says she took her to temple. Pujan Pandey asks Suman if her mum is saying truth. Suman nods and asks why you want me to get married soon? Pujan says he is doing this for her good future. Rukmani says Suman is very worried about getting far from everyone, specially you. Pujan pandey says I accept your words hoping you are saying truth. Lakhan brings new phone with new simcard for Suman and gives to Pujan pandey. Badal’s mum asks Mohan Ram to rest and says she along with her children will take care of her. She cries. Mohan Ram says if I had known that you will love me if I get unwell then I would have act to be unwell. Badal thinks he made his wife cry. He calls Suman’s number and finds it unreachable. He

worries for her and thinks if her father took her phone. Guddi asks him to go and meet her. She says I am with Papa.
Badal goes to Pujan Pandey’s house in the night and checks the time. He holds the pipe and tries to climb up. Electricity goes just then. He comes to Suman’s room balcony and enters her room. He thinks Suman is standing and apologizes, saying he was worried about his Papa. Pujan pandey is in the room and comes inside. Badal is shocked. Pujan Pandey beats him and throws him in the hall. Badal apologizes to him. Pujan Pandey asks how dare you to enter this house late at night. Badal apologizes. Pujan Pandey says that too in my daughter’s room. Rukmani stops Suman and says you will not say a word. Pujan Pandey beats him badly. Suman recalls beating the men beating badal in the play. Badal says I came to talk to Madam about something important. Pujan says that’s why you climbed up the pipe. Badal says my father was admitted in hospital and I came to talk regarding him.

Pujan Pandey asks him to bend down on his knees and apologize to Suman. Suman says it is not needed. Pujan Pandey slaps him and makes him fall on her feet. He says you called my daughter by her name and asks him to apologize. Badal folds his hands and apologizes to Suman. Pujan pandey hits on his head and asks him to say like he said. Badal apologizes to her. Pujan Pandey asks him to rub his nose on her feet. Badal is shocked. Pujan Pandey holds his head and makes him rub his nose on her feet. Badal apologizes to her and is badly hurt. Pujan Pandey says NGO work will not continue here, as my daughter is getting married in a rich family. He says if I see you near the house then will pull out your skin. He asks him to leave. Suman looks at him helplessly and cries. Pujan Pandey holds him by his hairs and pushes him out. He asks him to come and take the tip after Suman’s marriage. He asks his men to kick him. He asks everyone to go to their rooms and asks them to remember that tomorrow groom’s family is coming and everyone shall welcome them with happy faces.

Suman speaks up and calls Pujan Pandey. She says I want to talk to you and you shall know this. Rukmani nods no. Suman says the guy whom you have beaten and humiliated so much, is my love. She says I love Badal and were together in college. Shashi looks on. Pujan Pandey says I knew that something was going on and says I don’t care about the world and want to hear from your mouth. He says I was doubtful and that’s why went to your room. He goes near Suman. Chandrama tries to stop him. Shashi stops chandrama. Rama tells Pujan Pandey that she thinks she needs to say and says Suman is very young in our house and has no control in emotions in this age. She says she didn’t do a big mistake and will understand if you make her understand. Lakhan gets angry on Rama. Rama says Suman didn’t marry him as she wants you to agree. Pujan Pandey asks her not to talk nonsense about his daughter and says I will not rectify mistake, but will pluck it out from its roots. Suman is shocked.

Precap: Pujan Pandey asks Lakhan to shoot Badal. Badal gets killed. Suman comes to his house and cries seeing his dead body.

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