Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 7th August 2019 Written Update

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 7th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 7th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Constable asking Badal and Suman to show their faces. Badal says my wife is unwell. Constable says I am doing my duty and says a foolish guy eloped with Pujan Pandey’s daughter and asks them to show their faces. They are about to show their faces, when goon calls Constable and says he will check. Badal asks Suman to run. The goons run behind them. Arjun’s mother tells that she made her son educated and made him doctor after his father left him. She says she wants Arjun’s wife to be his partner. Rama says your search ended at the right place and asks where is my son, I mean Arjun. Arjun looks at Suman’s pics and smiles. Pujan Pandey comes there and keeps hand on his shoulder. Arjun says I held your hand and came to know that you are very stressed and asks why?

Suman and Badal hide in the godown. Suman sees injury on his hand and ties saree on her hand. Inspector and the goons come there. Badal and Suman are shocked. Arjun tells Pujan Pandey that he can’t hide from a doctor. Pujan says he is stressed that Suman will go to his house. Arjun says she will also be your daughter. His mum tells that Arjun was mad seeing her pic and asks them to call Suman. Inspector says did you romance is over and asks Suman to come. Badal asks Inspector to leave Suman. Goon hits Badal and aims gun at his head. Badal calls Suman as Inspector is taking her with him. Goon hits Badal with his hand. Suman bites Inspector’s hand and runs to him. The goons continue to beat Badal. Suman and badal hold each other hand. Goons hit on their hand. Constable asks Inspector to be gentle with her as she is Pujan’s daughter. Inspector pulls her hand.

The goons continue to beat Suman. Inspector and Constables are taking Suman. Suman asks them to leave Badal and asks what did he do? She asks Inspector if he is Police or devil and says he will die. Inspector says we are Pujan Pandey’s chele/men and asks if she don’t understand. He asks her to come. Pujan Pandey says Suman has started NGO and went for work. He says Suman will not work after marriage. Arjun says she can work after marriage also, and says even mom runs restaurant in London. His mum says he is mad about Suman. She says he got many good alliances in London, but he was adamant to marry in India. He talks about Indian girls and says he wants reflection of her mum. Shashi says Suman is just as your thoughts and listens to her Bau ji much. Arjun’s mum asks him to call her. Rukmani asks Pujan Pandey to call her.

Pujan Pandey says I will call her. Inspector is taking Suman in the jeep and gets Pujan’s call. He says he is reaching there in sometime. Pujan Pandey asks about badal. Inspector says your men caught him and waiting for your orders. Pujan Pandey ends the call. Inspector asks Constable to play a song and says they will get a good amount today. Chandrama talks to Arjun about his practice. Pujan Pandey asks Rukmani to take Suman to room and make her ready, just as she comes. He comes out and tells Lakhan that he will get badal. Lakhan says I will kill him with my hand and take revenge for his insult. He goes.

Suman falls on Inspector and takes off his gun in her hand. She asks them to stop the jeep and says you all are my father’s dogs and I am his daughter and can shoot. She shoots at Inspector’s hand. Constable gets afraid and stops the jeep. Suman says if anyone comes behind me then I will shoot. Inspector asks Constable to snatch gun from her hand. Suman shoots at the constable’s feet and asks Inspector for his phone. Inspector says it is in jeep. Suman takes his phone and fires at the tyre to puncture it. She comes back to the godown/factory and sees Badal tied and beaten by the goons. The goon laughs and says hang him. Other goon says Lakhan is coming to kill him. Suman thinks his own family has become her enemy and records the video appealing for help. She says they are in Ronakpur. She asks the people to help them as her father’s goon is beating the guy whom she loves. Goon comes behind her and tells that why did you return, you did a mistake.

Arjun tells that he will stay in India with Suman and open his hospital. Pujan Pandey asks him to stay in the house with Suman and says he wants her daughter to be in his house. Lakhan comes home and shows video to Pujan Pandey. Pujan Pandey sees the video which Suman posted on social media appealing for help. Lakhan asks him to come out. Media questions Pujan Pandey about Suman eloping and asks if the goons are yours. Pujan Pandey asks them to go to room and his men take media to room. Pujan asks Lakhan how Suman made this video as inspector was bringing him here. Lakhan says Suman snatched his gun and ran way. He signs him to look at Arjun. Pujan Pandey sees Arjun standing there.

Precap: Pujan Pandey tells Lakhan that he wants his daughter safely and that guy killed. The goon tries to misbehave with Suman and holds her pallu. Badal shouts.

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