Jagat Janani Maa Vaishnodevi 17th August 2020 Written Update

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishnodevi 17th August 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishnodevi 17th August 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Narendra asking Bharti to go and hear Mata Rani’s pravachan, tells that he will clean the place. Bharti refuses. Narendra tells her that it is husband’s duty to take care of his wife’s happiness and asks her to go through the window. She leaves and comes to Mata Rani. Vaishnavi tells that a devotee is sure that their God will help them always. She says if a child gets upset with his mother then it will be troublesome for both mother and the child. Some people are taking Mata Rani’s idol and says Jai Mata Di, when Mangu comes infront of them. They tell that the drunkard came their way. Mangu goes from there. Bhadrak asks Mangu to destroy Mata Rani’s idol and tells that he will return his wife and son to him. Mangu goes to the people and shouts. He looks at Mata Rani’s idol and finds divine light around it. He gets shocked and runs from there. Bhadrak thinks what did happen to him? He thinks I will not let you go Mangu, your anger will make me successful in my attempt. Narendra cleans the storeroom and drinks water. Bheema comes there and asks him to lift the bags. Narendra tells that he has kept his slippers inside and goes inside. He thinks if I go inside and if anyone comes to know that Bharti is not here then what will happen. He thinks Bharti calls Mata Rani when she is in problem and thinks to whom I shall pray. Vaishnavi smiles. Bheema calls Narendra and gets angry. Jyoti comes there and calls Bharti. Bharti tells her that the work is half done and it will be done in sometime. Narendra is shocked to see her, while the real Bharti is coming from the door. He gets shocked and thinks what I am seeing, two Bhartis.

Vaishnavi appears infront of Bhadrak. Bhadrak says you came to my darshan and asks what to say, if this is fear which brought you here. Vaishnavi asks him to hear silently and tells that she came to make him understand and tells that nobody will get anything while walking on the right path and asks him to take the right path. Bhadrak refuses. Vaishnavi says you will not get anything with anger and revenge and tells him that he will get only pain. Bhadrak says nobody can stop me from my aim. He tells that what is mangal for you, is amangal for me. He says if I am don’t snatch your devotees then I am not my father’s son. Vaishnavi makes him fall down and tells that she won’t let anything happen to her devotees. Bhadrak says nobody can stop me, not even you. I will take the revenge.

Narendra tells Bharti that today he has seen two Bhartis at two places. Bharti says Jai Mata Rani. He asks how did you do this? Bharti tells that this is Mata Rani’s leela. Narendra says I want to see, and asks her to tell. Bharti says Mata Rani is Jagat Janani and says if there is truthful and devotion in heart then Mata Rani’s blessings will be bestowed on them. She tells that something happened today. A fb is shown, Vaishnavi asks Bharti when she will place her idol in her house. Bharti says very soon. Fb ends. Bharti asks Narendra if they can place the idol in the house. Narendra says pita ji will not agree. She asks if we can keep the idol in our room. Just then Devendra comes and asks what is going on here. Bharti tells that she is going to kitchen. He says he will give her more work and scolds Narendra.

Mangu thinks he couldn’t do a small work to bring his son and wife back, that’s why he will die. He tries to hang himself, but Vaishnavi saves him. Bhadrak tells that Mangu is useless, but he will use it for his benefit, then he can kill himself. Mangu hears his wife and son. Bhadrak laughs, seeing Mangu running out and searching his wife and son desperately and hearing people’s taunts.

Precap: Mangu comes to Vaishnavi and tries to stab knife in her stomach. Vaishnavi looks on.

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