Jagat Janani Maa Vaishnodevi 4th February 2020 Written Update

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishnodevi 4th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishnodevi 4th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ratnagar telling Vimarg Sen that he has used weapon while they were talking so now he will get to see his shaurya. He says he will fight with him tomorrow morning. Vimarg sen asks him to fight with him today itself. Ratnagar asks his soldiers to return. Vimarg calls him bhagoda and laughs. Vaishnavi is in her class when Bharti brings bhakti there, who is in bad state. Vaishnavi asks what happened to her? bharti says she is unwell since afternoon and asks her to do something. Vaishnavi says she will bring vaid ji now. Devi Parvati says no need to call vaid ji. Bharti says my Maa needs treatment. Vaishnavi asks why she is stopping her? Devi Parvati says you only say that war is bad and says the medicine will do war with her illness and then will defeat it, when she will get fine. Vaishnavi says I understand that sometimes war is necessary in life. Devi Parvati says even your touch can treat bhakti. She asks her to understand the wrong feelings which culminates into war. She asks her to touch bhakti and see what happens.

Vaishnavi touches Bhakti’s hand. Bhakti gets fine with her divine touch and calls her Trikuta. Bharti asks are you fine? Bhakti says I got fine. Bharti thanks Vaishnavi and asks what did you do? Vaishnavi says I have done what Guru maa told me. Devi Parvati asks Vaishnavi to sit for the class. Bharti and Bhakti leave from there.

Devraj Indra comes to Devlok and tells that today’s class is important and that’s why I thought to see it with you all. Narayan says yes, you said right and tells that they will give the same Gita paath to their shishya and says if their shishya is like Vaishnavi, then their gyan is successful.

Devi Parvati asks Vaishnavi to let her thoughts free and don’t be scared. Vaishnavi asks why? Devi Parvati asks her to close her eyes. Vaishnavi closes her eyes and finds herself sitting on the stone and there is a skeletons there, with mountains around her. It is Kailash. She thinks where is Gurumaa. Devi Parvati comes infront of her in her kali avatar….Vaishnavi gets scared to see Kali and gets up. Devi Lakshmi says why Devi Kaali is showing her prachand avatar to Vaishnavi. Mahadev says she is taking her test, if she will get scared or if she will see her calmness inside her. brahma dev says even we got angry seeing her kali avatar, except mahadev. Devi Lakshmi says when Narayan also got scared then why she is taking Vaishnavi’s test. Brahma dev says Vaishnavi is a small girl. Mahadev says she is jag janani maa vaishno devi. Narayan says this is Vaishnavi’s test. Vaishnavi folds her hands and greets Maa Kali. Maa Kali gets calm and says you have many questions in mind about war and asks her to ask her.

Vaishnavi asks why we shall take part in war and why shall we kill people. She says she gets scared thinking about his. Devi Parvati asks her to think everything as the creator and says your pain will go. She reads the shloks and says I am the creator of the earth and heaven. Everyone gets energy from me, everyone take birth from me and return to me after death. She says when you have lighted jhoot, you came to know that death has no identity. She asks her to think about her karma. She says whoever fights the war for his dharm is dharm yoddha and asks her to become dharm yoddha and says your karam is your dharm and asks her to let her veer baala come out of her. She empowers her with divine powers. Jai kali plays…..She then asks her to open her eyes. Vaishnavi opens her eyes and finds Guru Parma..Guru parma asks her to meet her tomorrow for her last class. She says negative powers are moving forward and asks her to go. Vaishnavi folds her hands.

Moor talks to Matsarya and asks what is his war strategy? Matsarya tells that he has made Vimarg sen and the nearing neighboring rajya as his das. Moor says everyone will be destroyed and gives his powers to Matsarya. He asks Matsarya to show the power of anger to everyone. Matsarya vanishes.

Ratnagar tells that he is thinking of war strategy to save lives. Mahipal tells that Vimarg sen has taken help of the neighboring states. Swarn sagar says they were our friends.

Precap: Vaishnavi tells Ratnagar that we are thinking enemies are more and powerful, but we will win as we are fighting to save lives and not to kill someone. She says whose fights war blindly can’t be a warrior. She blesses her father for victory.

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