Jagat Janani Maa Vaishnodevi 5th February 2020 Written Update

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishnodevi 5th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishnodevi 5th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Samrudhi calling Vaishnavi. Sevika says Rajkumari is not in her room. Samrudhi says then where did she go? Just then Vaishnavi comes there running. Samrudhi says I was waiting for you, and asks her to eat food. Vaishnavi says I will do later, but before that I have to do something important. Samrudhi says what is that work late night. Vaishnavi asks her to trust her and says I will come in sometime. Samrudhi asks her to go and thinks what she is going to do? Ratnagar tells Mahipal that if they come to know about their strategy then their soldiers can be harmed. He says we have to catch Vimarg sen somehow and make him announce the end of the war. Mahipal says we have to find the way. Ratnagar says I will attack Vimarg sen so that the war can end soon and says no soldier shall lose their life. Mahipal says this is risky and we can’t risk your life. He says we have to fight with three sena. Swarn Sagar asks him to give permission to lead the sena. Ratnagar says we can’t do this. Vaishnavi says this way we can’t win. Ratnagar asks what are you doing here? Vaishnavi says it is never too late and tells that we can’t win as we are thinking our enemy more powerful. She says whoever has a strong will to win will win. She says we will win as we will fight to save lives and not to end lives. She says our enemy has become blinded and says whoever fights blindly are andh yoddha and whoever fights for their dharm is dharm yodha. She gives sword in his hand and says we will win, as my father is Dharm Yodha. Ratnagar, Samrudhi, Mahipal and Swarn Sagar get emotional and more courageous with her words.

Later in the morning, Samrudhi helps Ratnagar get ready for the war. She gets tensed. Ratnagar tells that it is a matter of pride to go to battle field for his nation. He says when I will be there, then you have to handle here. Samrudhi says these tears are of pride and asks him not to have misunderstanding in his heart. She says she knows that he will win and the nation needs him more than her. Ratnagar tells that he is proud to have such maharani. She gives him sword and says victory shall be yours. Vaishnavi comes to Devi Parvati and greets her. Devi Parvati blesses her. Vaishnavi says I asked you to come ready for the class. Vaishnavi says she needs her permission and asks can she come a bit late. Devi Parvati asks her to go and come back soon. Vaishnavi comes running to the palace. Samrudhi is about to do his tilak, but Vaishnavi stops her and says I will do pitashri’s tilak. Ratnagar says surely. She does his tilak. Ratnagar gets emotional and asks Samrudhi to see his tilak. Vaishnavi blesses him for his victory and says Maharaj Ratnagar Sagar Ki Jai..Ratnagar, Mahipal and Swarnsagar come out of Palace with others. The soldiers cheer for him. Ratnagar asks if they are ready to fight in the war. Mahipal says they are ready and says lets go. Ratnagar says how you will fight in injured state. Mahipal says I am weak, but not my devotion for Shripuram. He says he is feeling energetic to fight for the nation. Vaishnavi asks Samrudhi if she shall leave for her class. Samrudhi asks her to go. Mahipal asks soldiers to come. They leave for the battle field.

Vaishnavi comes to the class. Vaishnavi asks Devi Parvati about the weapon in her hand. Devi parvati says it is vail. She says if you are safe then you can protect this earth and the people. She asks her to protect her and attacks Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi also fights with her holding the wooden sword in her hand. Samrudhi sees that from her Palace.

The war begins in the battle field. Devi Parvati asks Vaishnavi to make her all senses active during war. Samrudhi still looks on.

Precap: Vimarg sen’s soldiers stabs Swarn Sagar. Ratnagar Sagar shouts Swarn..Devi Parvati sends Vaishnavi to battle field and asks her to remember that she is going there to win and not to kill anyone.

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