Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 20th June 2022 Written Update

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 20th June 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 20th June 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Balram telling Kanha that Radha is very sad. He asks if she will leave Vrindavan. Kanha says Radha has to leave Vrindavan due to Kaliya, I will do something that Kaliya becomes the reason for Radha’s stay here. The residents tell Nand that they shall agree to Vrishbhan’s proposal. Nand says we have always thought of the decision together, and says I never had idea of leaving vrindavan, inspite of that, I don’t want others to suffer. He says we will go with vrishbhan to Barsana. Soldier hears and thinks to inform Kans. Kans laughs hearing it. Akroor asks what is the matter? Kans says they made my work easy. Akroor says I didn’t understand. Kans says this is Vrindavan, they shall use this way to go to Barsana. He says this is my idea to make Kanha reach Kaliya, and says one side is Yamuna and other side is Agni. He says if we light the fire then everyone has to jump in the river helplessly. He says Kaliya will kill everyone with its poison. Akroor says if they don’t jump. Kans says they have to die with fire then.

Vrinda asks if they will leave Vrindavan. Sudama says seems like. Subal says it is very sad. Radha says we are not leaving each other. She says I am happy that you all are coming to Barsana. Sudama says we thought you are sad. Radha says she is happy ad wants to see them happy. Vrinda says we can never be happy leaving Vrindavan. Radha thinks what to do, I can’t see them sad. She says I did a mistake, holds her ears and does sit ups. She says when we are leaving Vrindavan, we can’t be sad. She says we shall play the last game to represent our love for Vrindavan. Balram says this is good thought. Radha says all the universe will remember this. She says she has made a ball for Kanha. Kanha brings it. Radha says we will play last game in Vrindavan.

Kanha says not just our team, but someone else will play too. This game is going to be interesting. Radha says lets’ begin the game. The soldiers think to light the way to Barsana on fire. Kaliya thinks it can come out of the river. The kids start playing with ball. Balram tells Kanha that Mama Kans’ soldiers are making some plan. Kanha says before their game begins, I have played my game and no trouble can come to Vrindavan residents. Balram asks what Mama ji wants? Kanha says Mama ji wants me to go inside the river. He says I will go with my wish. Balram says I will not let you go to that poisonous river. Kanha says this time I will tell you about my plan, but before that we shall play. Balram says I knew that you will not tell me easily. Vrinda asks balram to be careful. Balram thinks I want to throw her in the river. Kanha asks Radha to hold the ball. Radha runs behind the ball and holds it finally. Kanha laughs. Radha slips and the ball goes into the river. Kalika says if any boy comes to take the ball, then Krishna will come to rescue him. Vrinda asks Sudama to call his friend to get the ball. She laughs. Everyone laughs. Kanha also laughs.

Radha says I made that ball with my hand and it was gift for Kanha. Subal says you can make more gifts. Radha feels apologetic towards Kanha. Kanha asks her not to feel bad, and says I will bring that ball for you. He runs towards the river. Balram asks Kanha what is he doing? Kanha says I am going to get the ball. Balram says I will bring Kanha, and asks him if he couldn’t think that the river is poisonous. Kanha says that tree is green, which is near the river. Balram asks why it is green. Kanha says it is very special and says eagle knew that I will come here for Kaliya, and that’s why it made amrit drop fell on this tree. Balram asks what do you want, that I shall let you jump in the river. Balram says I love you so much and will not let you go. Kanha says that’s why I don’t tell anyone about it. Balram asks what will I tell to our team and family. He asks if you are planning to throw kaliya or me? Kanha laughs and asks him to understand that it is needed else Vrindavan will not have any water.

Precap: Kanha jumps in the river. Kaliya asks him to get ready to die. Kanha asks it to try and teases it.

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