Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 22nd June 2022 Written Update

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 22nd June 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 22nd June 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kaliya telling that the ball and him, both are his now. Kanha says I will break your ego and stands on Kaliya’s tail. Kaliya asks him to leave him and says he is feeling pain. Balram asks Kanha to come out and says everyone is afraid. Kaliya comes out of the river, as Kanha is jumping on his tail. Yashoda faints seeing Kaliya emerging from water. Vrishbhan prays Narayan for help. The resident tells Nand that the fire broke out on the way, they can’t go back to Vrindavan or can’t go to Barsana. Vrishbhan says I will do something to set off the fire and goes with the residents. Nand prays to Narayan. Yashoda takes Kanha’s name. Kanha laughs, playing with his tail and asks him to accept his defeat and return from here. Kaliya says I will die, but will not accept defeat infront of the kid. Kanha says I will teach you a lesson that the person becomes big with his thoughts. Vrishbhan and others witnesses the spreading fire.

Kans laughs. Akroor tells that Vrindavan resident couldn’t set off the fire, and Kanha couldn’t free himself from Kaliya. Devi Parvati says Kaliya is powerful and giving tough competition to Kanha. Mahadev says my narayan will win. Devi Parvati says everyone will come to know his leela, and will know that he is not an ordinary boy. Mahadev says this is one of his leela. He says Aaradhya knows how to play the game and how to stop the magic so that nobody knows about him. He says his leela will end when Kans dies, and not Kaliya Naag. He asks her to enjoy the leela.

Balram asks Kanha to kill Kaliya and come out, says your secret might come out in open to everyone. Kanha says I will teach Kaliya a lot and asks him to see how the fire set up by Kans will help them. Balram asks how? Everyone starts coughing due to the fire. Vrishbhan comes back to Nand and says fire flames are coming near, and it is difficult to set if off. Balram asks Kanha what is he going to do. Kaliya comes out of the fire and spits fire. It goes back again. Yashoda and others shout Kanha. She says it will harm my Kanha, someone save him. Balram thinks who will tell them that Kaliya needs to be saved from Kanha. Kaliya asks Kanha to leave him. Devraj Indra says Narayan has taught an awesome lesson to Kaliya. Eagle comes there and tells that you thought that I was behind you to kill you, but I was behind you to make you meet my Prabhu. Kanha asks Kaliya to accept his defeat and leave from there, else get ready to see his end. Devi Parvati says it seems Kaliya’s end is near. Kaliya’s three wives come to Mahadev and asks him to save their husband Kaliya.

Mahadev says I can’t help you, as I am my Aaradhya’s devotee and don’t interfere in his leela. He says if he had to take his life, then Kaliya Naag wouldn’t have been alive by now. He asks them to go to Narayan and requests him. They say ok and leave. They come to Kanha and ask him to forgive Kaliya. They say he didn’t know whom he is insulting. Kaliya asks have you gone mad? His wife tells that they came to stay in Yamuna peacefully, but suddenly he changed. They ask if he knows his story. Kanha says I know and asks Kaliya if he knows who is he? He is Vedshera Muni and asks if he forgot the curse which he got. A fb is shown, Vedshera muni getting cursed by other Muni. Kaliya apologizes to Kanha and says forgive me, I had forgotten about me and my past, I came in Kans talks and attacked you. He apologizes.

Kanha asks him to promise that he will leave Yamuna. Kaliya says if he comes out of river then he will kill him, and asks Kanha to kill him instead. Kanha says you will be blessed and even eagle can’t kill him. Kaliya promises that he will go to an island forever. Devraj Indra says something divine is going to happen. Balram asks Kanha not to do something which makes everyone doubt him. Kanha comes out of the river, standing on Kaliya’s head and jumping in joy. Everyone is amazed and surprised. All the Devtas shower flowers on him and fold their hands. Vrindavan residents look at him. Eagle says I can never attack Kaliya who is blessed by my Aaradhya.

Precap: Nand tells that they will do Indra raj’s puja. Radha says we shall do Narayan’s puja. Devraj Indra says they have to bear his anger.

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