Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 24th June 2022 Written Update

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 24th June 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 24th June 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kanha asking Radha not to go. Radha says I have to go. He holds her dupatta and tries to stop her. Radha says let me go Kanha. Radha Krishn plays….Radha sits in he cart. Kanha gets teary eyes and tells Balram that he will fulfill her wish to become Radha Rani. Yashoda asks Vrishbhan and Kriti if the bullock cart is ready. Vrishbhan says yes and asks about Nand. Yashoda says he went for work and asks them to wait until they come. She asks if you need to go to Barsana today, if it is urgent and says if you stay for more days then we would be glad. Vrishbhan says even we want to stay, but it is important for us to go there, as there is Satyanarayana puja, I shall be there being the mukhiya, and also I had sworn. He says I will not leave without meeting my friend and will wait for him to return. Kanha gets happy and claps. Balram asks why is he happy? Kanha asks him to wait and watch, what he does. He says I have promised Maiyya and Radha, that they will know about me, it depends on satyanarayana puja in Barsana. He says Radha will become Radha Rani.

Nand tells that rain will start after few days, and that’s why we will do Inder dev’s puja. Vrishbhan comes there and says we pray to Narayan and do Satyanarayan puja. Kriti says we will pray for you. Vrishbhan says we are thankful to you, now permit us to leave for barsana. Nand says ok, I hope we will meet soon. Yashoda asks them to come. Kriti says surely.

Kanha tells Balram and Radha that they shall do Narayan’s puja for saving them from fire and Kaliya. He says when Radha don’t want to become Radha Rani then what I can do. Radha says Kanha is right. She tells everyone that Narayan’s puja shall happen. Kriti says Radha is a little girl and saying just like that. Yashoda asks her to say. Radha says when the water was dirty, you all prayed to Narayan, when everything became fine, when everything is done by Narayan then why don’t you do Narayan’s puja. Balram says so this was your imagination. Nand says I agree that Narayan always helped us and whatever good happened here, is because of him. The villager says we can’t upset Inder dev. A lady says we get the rain and harvest of the field due to Narayan. Yashoda says yes, it is Inder dev’s work to gives us rain. Madhumangal says we shall do Narayan’s puja, Inder dev will be happy. Inder dev gets angry and says all Dev has his own place. He says even Devraj Indra is his own place, how can I be happy, how can I give boon if Narayan’s puja is done. He says it depends on Vrindavan residents decisions. Nand decides to do Narayan’s puja, which makes Inder dev furious. Vrishbhan says I will fulfill my swear here, and will go to Barsana after Narayan’s puja. Nand says lets begin the arrangements.

Kanha tells Balram that this puja is needed to calm down Inder dev’s ego. He says whatever Radha said was right, says lets begin the puja. They begin the arrangements. Inderdev is furious and says all the arrangements will go waste. Yashoda sees Radha making swastik on the pot and likes it. Rohini says kids are helping each other. Yashoda asks Kanha to get up from the place, as this is Narayan’s place. Kanha nods no. Balram says puja of Narayan or Kanha, it is same.

Nand, yashoda, Kriti, Vrishbhan and others do the puja. Vrishbhan says everything will be fine. Inder dev says time has come to make Vrindavan resident show my kripa and says now rain will never happen in Vrindavan. Kanha says I will break his ego.

Precap: Kanha calls Inder dev. Inder Dev asks why did you call me? Kanha asks him to shower rain in Vrindavan. Inder dev showers heavy flooded rain and says even Narayan can’t stop me.

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