Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 4th July 2022 Written Update

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 4th July 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 4th July 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Devraj Inder apologizing to Kanha. He says I couldn’t see your leela due to my arrogance, I was foolish to get angry on your devotees, and forced them to do my puja. He apologizes. Kanha forgives him and asks him to stop the rainfall. Devraj Inder stops the rain. Everyone is happy to see the sun appearing in the sky. Devraj Inder thanks Kanha. Mahadev says all the world will read and hear about these leelas and will cry or laugh sometimes. He says they call Narayan with any name, but the story, leela, love, feelings and devotions will be the same. Devi Parvati says nothing special is remaining in this story. Mahadev says it is remaining. A vrindavan resident asks will you go to make Kans understand. Nand says he will question you. Yashoda asks who are you? Kanha says I will give answer to everyone and takes Narayan’s avatar. Everyone is surprised to see Narayan. Akroor asks Kanha to give him Moksh and get mukti from all his sins. Kanha says no Akroor, you are partner of Mama Kans’s crime, but I know that there is goodness in you, and that’s why you saw my leela. He asks him to go to Kans and give his message, that he has time still to walk on the right path, and says else I couldn’t change the sky announcement. He makes Akroor leaves with his magic.

Yashoda apologizes to Kanha for scolding him and says I was unaware that you are Narayan. Kanha says I am your Kanha maiyya. Nand asks how can I become Narayan’s father. All the residents and his friends apologize to him. Yashoda says after knowing the truth, how can I become Kanha’s mother, who is Narayan’s avatar. Kanha says I want you to come infront of me. Mahadev tells that he has just one feeling of love. Madhumangal recalls and says you taught me the importance of friendship. He says you are really my guide. Kanha asks Sudama if he remembers. Sudama remembers his promise and smiles.

Nand takes him in his lap and recalls their moments. He says you are the divine God from whom I heard baba. He says you are Nand’s lal. Yashoda recalls their moments and hugs Kanha. Kanha says I am going to witness you such a place, which Maiyya Devki and now you will also be witness. Yashoda opens her eyes and finds herself on the universe. Yashoda says you will always be my son and says I know this and wants. He wipes her tears. He says Maiyya’s wish is order for you. Yashoda says today you made me see your divinity, but I just want to remember my Kanha and nothing else. Everyone say the same. Kanha says tathastu and laughs.

Kanha asks Radha what happened? Radha says you didn’t make me Radha Rani. Kanha says you are Rani of this entire universe. Radha says my Narayan’s heart is big than this universe and I want to stay there for forever. She asks if you will make me rani of your heart. He says yes. He says just like people takes yashoda’s name before my name, they will take your name before my name.

Akroor comes to Kans and asks him to leave anger and come in Narayan’s shelter. Kans kicks him with his leg and asks what magic did he do to you? Akroor asks him to leave his anger, and then see his divinity. Kans says if you would have been my senapati then I would have killed you right now. He asks soldiers to take Akroor from there and swears not to leave Kanha.

Kanha is eating butter. Balram says Mama shri is not accepting Akroor’s words. Kanha says sky announcement will come true. He applies butter to balram’s face. Madhumangal asks Kanha if he stole butter. Yashoda comes out and asks did you steal butter again? Kanha asks his team to run and smiles.

The show ended.

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