Jee Le Zara 29th April 2014 Written Update

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Jee Le Zara 29th April 2014 Written Update by H Hasan

Jee Le Zara 29th April 2014 Written Episode

The episode starts with Anvay telling Saanchi and DV that even he is doubting Suparna now looking at her weird behaviour. DV says mom helped him marry Saanchi when Anvay and other family members are against it, but now mom is under someone’s influence to ask Saanchi to get out of DV’s life. Anvay says he is sure Suparna has done it as she has done pHD in brainwashing people, even he was under her influence. He says he will help them both getting Suparna’s truth out and Neena realizing that Saanchi is perfect for DV.

Saanchi’s naani/grandma calls Saacnhi’s home. Suparna picks call and says she is coming to meet Aadu there, so she is thinking of meeting Saanchi. Suparna says she should surely come and take Saanchi. Naani asks what? She changes her word and says she means to take Saanchi out for shopping.

Shruti and Raman come and asks Saanchi to take them out and play. Anvay says they always play with Saanchi and not Suparna and asks them to play with Suparna. They agree and asks Suparna to play with them. Anvay says Neena that they wanted to play with Saanchi, so he asked them to play with Suparna. Neena says he is thinking right as they will feel bad once Saanchi goes. Anvay asks Suparna to take care of kids for the whole day and says it will help them plan their own kids. Suparna angrily takes kids out. Neena asks why are they late for office today. Anvay says he is waiting for DV, once he comes, we both will leave.

Suparna scolds kids for jumping. She asks them to paint and gives them colours and papers. She feels relaxed seeing kids painting and tries to sit on sofa. Raman calls her and asks how is his painting. She says it is very bad and she used to make very good paintiings in her childhood.. Raman asks her to paint and throws colour on her by mistake. Suparna punishes him and asks him to stand holding his ears. Shruti says saanchi would not have punished them. Suparna punishes her also and goes from there. Neena sees kids standing holding their ears and asks why are they standing like this. They say Suarna punished them and did not even feed them till now. They say Saanchi is very good and run saying they are going to Saanchi’s room.

Saanchi feeds food to kids and says she will tell them story once they eat food. She starts telling them story of lord Ganesha as they start eating. Kids enjoy the food and story. Neena sees Saanchi feeding kids and kids getting happy. Kids hug Saanchi and say they whole finished food today and start revolving her. They tell her the story Saanchi told. She hugs kids happily. Kids see Saanchi there, run towards her and hug her.

Suparna comes to her room and does not find kids. She says good they went to Saanchi and goes to sleep. Neena sees her sleeping and gets sad. Neena gets Ritu’s call who asks her to come to her husband as her bahu is pregnant. Neena says she will come soon. Ritu asks when is she becoming daadi and says she knows Suparna will not agree for kids. She asks what about Saanchi and says if she is afraid of coming into senior citizen bracket. Neena says she has 2 grandchildren from her daughter. Ritu says who will take care of Yash’s vast empire, she needs a kid soon. Neena says she will talk to her when she comes to her house and cuts the call.

Door bell rings. Saanchi opens the door and gets happy seeing her naani and aaji. Saanchi asks why did not they inform before coming. They say they informed Suparna. Suparna says she forgot. They both thank Neena for taking care of Saanchi. Neena asks them to sit as she wants to go to a party and leaves from there. Aaji asks why is Neena looking tensed. Suparna says Neena is tensed as Saanchi cannot become mother. Naani and aaji get tensed hearing that news.

Precap: Anvay says DV and Saanchi that they will go for a ride and catch Suaprna red-handed.

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