Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9 14th January 2017 Written Update

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9 14th January 2017 Written Update by Amena

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 9 14th January 2017 Written Episode

Its last week to the race to finale. Manish welcomes everyone in the show in the Semi finale week. Just three celebs will reach in the Finale. Ganesh Hegde joins the judges.

Bravo and Bhavna (Bravo’s last performance. Bravo leaves the competition for personal reasons)
Dance Form: Bolywood
They dance on the song Criminal…. from the movie Ra. One, Lungi dance….. from the movie Chennai Express.
Judges’ Comments:
Jacqueline: It was amazing Bravo, you did lip sync too.
Karan: Bravo this was your best performance, I m feeling bad you are going when you have become a good dancer.

The four contestants will perform in 1st round and then the 2nd round of relay.

1. Siddharth and Vaishnavi
Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Jashan e ishqa….. from the movie Gunday.
Judges’ Comments:
Karan: Siddharth I saw your energy and passion becoming your strength, choreography was not new, but you did dance non stop, thats very imp, you fought for the trophy.
Farah: I think everyone is going back in comfort zone, Vivek there were many wow moments, I saw those flips for first time, Siddharth has surpassed Vaishnavi.
Jacqueline: Siddharth you are strongest in flips, you were there and you were on top, amazing.
Ganesh: I thought the kids will go soon, but I think the four left now are strongest, Siddharth’s passion matters, I m fan of your star power, you started clean and brilliant like a star.
Scores: Ganesh 9, Jacqueline 9, Farah 9, Karan 9. Total 36.

2. Salman and Aishwarya
Dance Form: Salsa
They dance on the song Tune Maari Entriyaan….. from the movie Gunday.
Judges’ Comments:
Karan: Salman, this dance form is your strength, you enjoyed the songs, which you rarely do. I loved it, it was enjoyable performance, that turn at the end was the wow moment.
Farah: Salman when you started, I felt if the hoop does not go on her, it will be wrong, it started well, it was full time pass.
Ganesh: The song is overpowering, you look groovy and when bollywood beats were coming, it was looking steady, Salsa was brilliant.
Jacqueline: I felt you enjoyed the dance, full marks for that, it was like fluid and perfect, brilliant, well done.
Scores: Ganesh 9, Jacqueline 10, Farah 9, Karan 9. Total 37.

3. Teriya and Aryan
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on the song Abhi mujhme kahin….. from the movie Agneepath.
Judges’ Comments:
Karan: Teriya, this song gets you emotional, I was so speechless at the end, when you lifted Aryan and did the last attack, Rishikesh I salute you, you brought the feeling of patriotism in the emotional song, dance was perfect, choreography was amazing, emotions were outstanding.
Farah: I got goosebumps and got tears in eyes, I never left a girl is doing this, I felt her as soldier, I think Aryan is 10 kgs heavier, she lifted him and did acting, everyone can dance, when dance touches heart, it gets perfect scores.
Ganesh: Teriya I can’t believe you left the show, thanks Jhalak for getting her back, she is truly amazing.
Jacqueline: This act is best act of Jhalak till date, it was so beautiful and emotional, Aryan when you died in end, I felt goosebumps, it was so touching, I m speechless, Teriya is a super girl, you deserve much more, amazing semi finale act.
Scores: Ganesh 10, Jacqueline 10, Farah 10, Karan 10. Total 40.

4. Shantanu and Alisha
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Ek pal ka jeena…. from the movie Kaho na pyaar hai.
Judges’ Comments:
Karan: I love that you have put the hook steps and impressed us. Shantanu you were fighting, I loved that spirit, your journey has been amazing till date, you haven’t let go, I hope this journey makes you earn much name.
Farah: When I read you are doing this song, I was scared what will be the performance, beginning was nice, when my voice came, I sound terrible, sorry, the sense of humor and steps were outstanding, I hope and pray you are one of the finalist.
Ganesh: I have seen your performances, this was by far most entertaining, you did a lot in this act along with humor and performance, it was worth it to see the final performance, its so good.
Jacqueline: I missed you a lot last week, I m so happy you did such good moves, no one else could have done, you took a risk that went right, I m so happy it all went well.
Scores: Ganesh 10, Jacqueline 10, Farah 10, Karan 10. Total 40.

The second round of relay begins.
Judges will give 10 scores to the best one. Scores will be added to the scores of 1st round.
Siddharth and Vaishnavi dance on Yuva movie song.
Teriya and Aryan dance on title song of Dhoom 3.
Salman and Aishwarya dance on Jee karda… from the movie Badlapur.
Shantanu and Alisha dance on punjabi song Ishq tera tadpave….

All the four contestants dance in relay on title song of Jhoom barabar jhoom.

Judges’ Comments:
Farah: It was a finale act.
Karan: It was best 5 mins of JDJ, we got chance to get exceptional chance to see this best dance.

Scores for Relay round: Siddharth gets 7, Lowest marks of relay. Salman gets 8, Shantanu gets 9, and Teriya gets the highest marks 10.

After adding audience scores: First finalist is Teriya. Second finalist is Shantanu. Third finalist is Salman. Siddharth loses in the Semi finals. Siddharth and Vaishnavi’s journey ends in Jhalak.

The grand finale will be on 21st January. Hrithik Roshan graces the show.

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