Jiji Maa 11th October 2017 Written Update

Jiji Maa 11th October 2017 Written Update by Amena

Jiji Maa 11th October 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Uttara thinking of Phalguni and getting up. Jayant comes and jokes on her. Phalguni makes Niyati do the aarti puja and tells about the steps of puja. Suyash tells the steps of exercise to Vidhaan and makes him work out. Vidhaan asks how do you manage to do all work. Suyash says you should do every work by heart. Phalguni says you will become topper and make mum proud. Niyati asks her not to give lecture. They do puja of stitching machine. Vidhaan says I m expert in sleeping, having food. Suyash says you have to check diet also. Vidhaan says we will start next week. Suyash asks him to learn taking decisions.

Shom doesn’t get food and sees empty vessels with notes. He talks to his wife. Uttara calls him. She asks him to come for work. He says its sunday. She says till my
revenge with that girl doesn’t complete, your sunday won’t come, I want that girl’s info. He agrees.

Phalguni sees the empty boxes and recalls her mum. She keeps the box near Lord and prays. She tells Niyati that she is going to get ration. Niyati says I wish we get super rich some day. Shom spies to find Phalguni. Kids run after him. Phalguni asks the man for ration. He asks her to give some money and he will give her ration. She says I helped someone and didn’t get money to pay you. He jokes and asks her to give some money. He refuses to give ration. She gets sad.

Vidhaan asks Uttara to have food. Suyash comes and greets her. She says I met an ill mannered girl, she had much pride, she troubled me a lot. Suyash says she would be someone bad, but mood will spoil more. He feeds her food. He tells her that he met a nice and good hearted girl. Jayant and Vidhaan smile.

Phalguni asks Niyati to have food, she is going to market to get work. She asks Niyati to try butter milk and rice. Niyati likes it. Phalguni smiles and asks her to have food well. Shom hides. Phalguni looks around. Vidhaan says everyone had food, we were waiting for Jayant to finish. Uttara says he wastes everyone’s time. Vidhaan says you made this rule, I m getting bored.

Suyash says lets play a game, word on work. Uttara recalls Phalguni and says revenge. Phalguni meets Kaka and asks for any other work, she needs money. Shom records her. Kaka tells her about the tough work. Phalguni says I will make it all night. He asks her to get saree in morning, she will get money, but work should be well. She goes. Shom gives all details about Phalguni. Uttara reads the info and laughs. Niyati asks Phalguni to come and sleep. Phalguni refuses and sits working on saree. Niyati says I will make tea for you. Phalguni says milk got over. Niyati gets green tea. She tells about green tea. The sisters have fun. Phalguni asks her to go and sleep. She dislikes green tea. Niyati asks her to dump tea if she doesn’t like. Phalguni says no, I can’t waste it. Niyati says throw it. Phalguni smiles. Uttara says I pity this girl. Shom says you are wasting time for that cheap girl. She says I will not waste my time on her, my one phone call will ruin her life.

Uttara says next 15 mins will be memorable for her. The guys snatch Phalguni’s bag. Kaka scolds Phalguni and makes her leave from the market. She cries.

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