Jiji Maa 13th October 2017 Written Update

Jiji Maa 13th October 2017 Written Update by Amena

Jiji Maa 13th October 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Phalguni finding a vacancy and thanking Lord. She says mum used to say right, when one door shuts, Lord opens other door. Jayant asks Uttara to get ready for the NGO function. She argues. He reminds they met in NGO event and fell in love. She smiles. She agrees to come along. Shom’s wife asks her daughters to impress Suyash and Vidhaan.

Jayant hears Vidhaan talking. He asks him to be ready for love and work, both are necessary for a happy successful life. Vidhaan tells Uttara about it. Uttara taunts Jayant. Vidhaan asks Jayant to sing for her. Jayant sings hame tumse pyaar kitna…… Uttara says please, don’t do this cheap things. Vidhaan laughs.

Shom’s wife and daughters sit dining. The girls fight for Suyash and make the dining table fall down.
The food falls. Phalguni comes to clean the place. She picks food. Shom’s wife asks her will she eat this food. They laugh. Phalguni says I m keeping this separate for dogs and ants. Shom’s wife says we make food fall like this every day. Phalguni says wasting food is a son, food should never be insulted. A lady claps for her. Shom’s wife goes. Phalguni introduces herself.

Suyash waits for her on the road. The same man comes and sings. He asks Suyash what’s his name. Suyash says Suyash, I m a driver. The man says Suyash is a rich name. He jokes and goes.

Suyash sees Phalguni coming. He greets her. She walks by. She says I have no time, I m in hurry. The man looks on. Suyash locks car and runs after her. They have a talk. She laughs and asks are you really driver, you talk big. She tells her name Phalguni and asks his name. He says Suresh driver, my dad was also driver. She says great, I will go, glad to meet you. The man signs Suyash. Suyash smiles and goes.

Uttara and Jayant attends the function. She gets angry seeing Jayant dancing with the girls. She asks Shom to get Jayant. Shom asks Jayant to see Uttara. Jayant comes to her. She says you would have got tired of dancing, behave as per age. He agrees. The lady praises Phalguni and represents her talent. She says Phalguni is coming to gift the embroidered saree to Uttara Devi. Phalguni gets the saree. She recalls selling saree to the lady and getting money. Everyone claps for Phalguni. Uttara thinks how is this girl here. She receives the saree and gets angry. Uttara talks to Phalguni. She says you don’t know me, how dare you come in front of me, when I made you out of cloth market, this is lesson for you. Phalguni says sorry, I was helping the lady who told me she wants a good saree. Uttara laughs on her. Phalguni argues. Uttara angrily cuts the saree. Phalguni cries.

Phalguni gets a new job at a hotel. She says we can make a committee and talk to the hotel group. She meets Uttara again.

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