Jiji Maa 27th March 2018 Written Update

Jiji Maa 27th March 2018 Written Update by Amena

Jiji Maa 27th March 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Uttara asking everyone to let Jayant rest. He sees Gayatri. They all leave. Suyash thinks of Gayatri. Falguni asks him to have food. He refuses and says I m thinking about Gayatri, she said she teaches kids in an ashram, she gave anti dote injection to dad and had driven the car, she knows dad’s case history, she is hiding something, all the questions are troubling my mind. She says I told you I had to give you a gift, its a truth which you should know. He asks what truth. She says Gayatri is your real mum. He gets shocked.

He asks what. She says she gave you birth. He asks what nonsense, how do you know, who told you, why didn’t mom and dad tell me. She says I have no answers. He says Gayatri will have answers. He goes to her room and knocks. He sees her gone. He sees

a little car and a locket with his childhood pic. He gets a letter. He reads….. Gayatri writes… You would be wanting answers, I can’t face you, so I m writing answers in this letter, yes I m your mum, but situation was such that I had to go, I stayed away from my husband and son, with a dream to see you successful, my dream got fulfilled seeing you, I felt proud of you, I m going away, don’t try to find me, I m content seeing your life partner, she is one in a million, always keep Falguni happy, always choose her if you have to make a choice. She blesses him. He sits crying. Abhi mujhme kahin….plays… He runs out and asks guard about her. Guard says she left with her bags. He leaves in the car. Falguni asks where did Suyash go. Guard says he was asking about Gayatri, she left. Suyash recalls Gayatri and cries. He drives. Falguni calls him and asks him to answer call. He looks for Gayatri. He sees some other lady and says sorry.
He sits crying and asks her to come back home. Falguni prays for him. Suyash comes home and runs upstairs to his room. Falguni sees him and comes to him. He sees his pic with Uttara and Jayant. He throws the pic and says they are liars, I hate lies, they lied to me since 25 years. She cries and says I know, I lied to you. He says your lie is different, its nothing, they made my life a lie, Uttara is no one, Gayatri is my real mum, she wrote this letter, my life changed in few hours, I feel like an orphan when I have two mums. She takes him to Lord idol and says Kanha didn’t ask why his mothers were helpless to hide the truth. He says he got his answers, Devki was helpless, why was my mum helpless, I want to know, Jayant and Uttara can answer me.

Suyash says you always thought of my happiness, sorry. Falguni asks him not to say sorry. Vidhaan plans date for them.

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