Jiji Maa 8th February 2019 Written Update

Jiji Maa 8th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Jiji Maa 8th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with inspector checking Suyash and saying he is unconscious. Falguni gets shocked. Abhishek drinks and celebrates that Suyash has died. Uttara comes and asks him not to dream. She says Falguni got to know about the attack on Suyash, how can this happen. He says Devraj can’t cheat me, he knows what I can do. She says just find out if Suyash is dead or not. Inspector says doctor came and checked Suyash, he is fine, someone made him smell chloroform to faint him, we have shifted the goons to another cell. Vidhaan says we can’t trust police now. Inspector apologizes and says this won’t happen again, we will find out the truth. Falguni asks can I go and meet him.

Uttara asks Abhishek to find out. He says I will go to police station, you have to wait for some time. She says I

want to know it. The constable comes and says Suyash is alive, Falguni has failed the plan. Abhishek says now we will be under suspicion. He pays the constable and asks him to end the case. He says Suyash has good fate, he got saved. She says Falguni’s prayers saved him. Falguni and Niyati pray for Suyash. Niyati says your love and belief will win always, everything will get fine. Falguni says now I will be saving Suyash and find out who is doing this. Uttara gets acting in front of Jayant. He takes care of her. He says I will explain Suyash, we will stay together again, I will ask him to forgive Falguni, since she is his love. She gets angry thinking of Suyash. She angrily attacks him. He stops her and asks what are you doing, you are in your house, no one will trouble you. Devraj wakes up Laddoo. He finds Laddoo hurt and goes to call a doctor.
Niyati comes to the temple to pray. She drops her aarti plate by mistake. Devraj sees her and comes in her sight to trap her. She sees him and follows. Vidhaan and Falguni meet Suyash. Suyash refuses to take her favors. She says your anger is justified, I have done wrong, I just want to know who is after your life. She asks him to tell her if he has any clue about his enemy. Devraj gets Laddoo treated by doctor. Suyash gets rude towards Falguni and asks her to leave from his life. He says I will take Vidhaan’s help if you don’t help him. Falguni says its limit now, why do you have this anger and ego, we all worry for you, think of your life once, did you think what will we go through. Suyash says stop thinking about my life. Niyati comes to the house and hears Laddoo praying. She goes to see and finds him. She gets shocked. He gets happy and asks her did Falguni read her message and save Suyash. She says yes. She takes him along. Devraj stops her and says it was my plan to get you here. She worries.

Niyati says you know I m your Maasi. Laddoo says I know this, Uttara told me, she has got fine, she tried to kill me. Niyati gets shocked.

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