Jiji Maa 9th February 2019 Written Update

Jiji Maa 9th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Jiji Maa 9th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Devraj catching Niyati and Laddoo. He hurts them. Laddoo tries to save Niyati. Devraj threatens them and goes. They cry and hug. Falguni asks inspector how can this happen, the criminals are hiding something. Jayant asks the lawyer to get Suyash bailed. Vidhaan says I want to know about the goons. Jayant, Falguni and Vidhaan worry for Suyash. Vidhaan gets the address of goons hiding somewhere. Falguni goes to Suyash’s room. She checks and gets the revolver from the drawer. Jayant asks what are you doing. Falguni says I will go to them and ask, we have to find them, who is doing all this, maybe some policeman is doing this. Jayant says they are really dangerous people, you are putting life and respect in risk. She says I m ready to take any danger for Suyash, I will always love

Suyash. He says Suyash is lucky to get you. Vidhaan says I will come with you, I promise I won’t let anything happen to you. They leave.
Niyati tries to open the door. She finds Laddoo hurt. She says you know I m your Maasi. He says ye,s I know, Falguni is my mum and Suyash is my dad. She asks who told you. He says Uttara told me, she has got fine now, she stays in Suyash’s house now. She asks is she fine. He says yes, she tried to kill me. She gets shocked. He says Devraj came and saved me, she told Devraj that I m Suyash and Falguni’s son. Niyati says it means Uttara is Suyash’s enemy. Laddoo says even my dad is with her, my dad used to send me to Suyash to get info about him, a rich man has given this work to dad, he tells dad what to do. Niyati asks what’s the name of that man. Laddoo says I forgot his name. Niyati says it means Uttara has joined hands with Suyash’s enemy, but who.

Falguni comes to meet goons. They recognize her as Suyash’s wife. She asks who told you to attack on workers. They name Suyash. She says Suyash is my enemy, I want to know who is behind this, I m saying the truth. The goon gets a call. He says so the truth has come out, why did you go and save Suyash’s life. She points gun and says I have come to get answer, I will get it. The goon points gun at her. She says you want to kill me, you can do this, I will also kill you all. She shoots near that man’s feet. Vidhaan comes and fights with them. Inspector comes and arrests the goons. Goon shoots his aide to stop him from revealing the boss’ name. He runs away. Falguni asks the shot goon to tell the enemy’s name. The goon says Abh…. and dies. Suyash says who can be after my life. He says Uttara Devi, or that manager, or supplier…. who can it be, maybe my competitor, Abhishek is behind all this.

Jayant hears Uttara murmuring and wakes her up. He asks are you fine, are you seeing some dream. She acts mad. He gets sad. She throws the things and gets angry. Niyati and Laddoo have a talk. He says whenever I met Suyash and Falguni, I felt some connection with them. Niyati says you will meet them soon. He asks why do they fight. She says they have lost their child and got separated. Laddoo says oh so I m the reason, then I will be uniting them. Niyati smiles. Falguni and Vidhaan come home and look for Niyati. A man comes and tells them about Niyati following someone. Falguni asks did you see that man’s face. He says yes. Inspector says maybe that man kidnapped her. Sketch artist makes Devraj’s sketch. Falguni says he is Devra, he kidnapped Laddoo. Inspector says I will go there and find. She says we will come along. They look for Niyati. Niyati throws things to break the door.

Abhishek informs Falguni and asks her to meet. Falguni meets him. He asks her to kill Suyash.

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