Junooniyatt 12th May 2023 Written Update

Junooniyatt 12th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Junooniyatt 12th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jordan asking why did you go to put a price on Ilahi, you have done a cheap act, you think Ilahi is trapping me, you know Jahaan and I have serious issue, even then you invited him. Mahi gets angry on Ilahi and Jahaan. Jordan says I have told you that Ilahi is imp for me, I can’t live without Ilahi and music, even then you went to buy Ilahi, you went to sacrifice my love and happiness, she isn’t talking to me, she doesn’t want to meet me, I will go mad, I will die. He hits his head on the wall. She stops him and asks what’s this madness. He says you should have not done this. She says that girl will ruin you. He says I will get ruined without her, I feel complete when I m with her, I want Ilahi, you want me to stay here, you have to go and apologize to Ilahi.

He asks will you go. She cries and agrees. Mahi comes to meet Ilahi at her home. Ginni greets her. She wakes up Biji. Biji asks is everything fine, come. Mahi asks Amar to call Ilahi. Amar calls Ilahi. Ilahi comes downstairs. Ginni says something is wrong. Amar says Ilahi, greet her. Ilahi greets her. Jordan asks Mahi to reply to Ilahi. He says you have to say sorry to Ilahi, please with love. Lucky asks shall I take the chocolates. Happy says no, leave it.

Mahi says my family loves Ilahi’s voice. Amar says thanks, music is her life. Mahi asks where do you practice. Ilahi says in my room. Mahi asks won’t you show me. Amar asks Ilahi to take Mahi along. Ilahi and Mahi go to the room. Ilahi says I told Jordan, there is nothing between us. Mahi says I had to come. Jordan says just say sorry and end it. Ilahi apologizes and says don’t tell this to my family, else a storm will come. Jordan says tell her, Jordan doesn’t love you. Mahi says Jordan doesn’t love you, there was some confusion. Jordan asks her to say sorry. Ilahi says I just want to win the competition and fulfil my dad’s dreams. Mahi says I m sorry. Jordan says say sorry with love. Mahi gets angry. She says Ilahi, sorry, please forgive me. Ilahi says its okay. Jordan says invite her to come in Varun’s marriage. Mahi invites her. Ilahi says thanks, but sorry, I can’t come in the marriage. Jordan says mom, ask her to come. Mahi says please come, else I will think you didn’t forgive me, please come, say yes. Ilahi says okay. Jordan says yes, give her a hug. Mahi says thanks, I will go now. She hugs Ilahi. Jordan smiles. Mahi thinks I will take revenge for this insult. She leaves. Ilahi smiles. Jahaan thinks to call Ilahi and see. He sees Ilahi running after Lucky. He finds her happy. He prays she always stays happy. Mahi thinks I will snatch your happiness like you have snatched Jordan. Jordan thinks no one can make Ilahi leave from my life.

Precap: Pari spills juice in Jahan and when Jahan gets busy cleaning, she puts tablets in his drink. Jahan has it and starts feeling dizzy. Pari takes him to his room and goes close to him. Illahi sees Jahan with Pari.

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