Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 7th March 2019 Written Update

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 7th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 7th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Archie and Revati reaching Vandana. Vandana says I m fine, they have lost the idol. She scolds the doctor. Archie asks the doctor to show the CCTV footage. Ward boy says that camera wasn’t working maybe. Vandana gets angry. Doctor says I will check another footage. Archie asks Vandana how did she get the idol. Vandana lies that she got the idol from the thief. She says I followed the man and then hit his bike, I got the idol when he ran away, I was coming home, storm came and I met with an accident. Doctor shows footage of another camera. They see nurse keeping idol in the box. Thakur also gets the same news. He asks the man to keep him updated. He asks Pavitra to listen to him carefully, go and find the idol, else she will lose her child. He says your child is with

Brahmanand, who gave me this task, none knows about him, I had lot of bleeding and can’t find the idol. She says I did my work, give me my child. He says I don’t have your child, I have to go to hospital to get treated. She keeps knife at his neck and says you will come with me to find that tempo. He calls her a mad woman.
Rajmata hears a woman blaming the doctor for removing her son’s kidney. The doctor says your son had stomach ache and we treated him, what nonsense are you saying, get out of here. Constable asks the woman what’s the matter. The woman says doctor did this crime to steal my son’s kidney. Constables are also involved with the doctor. Rajmata overhears them. Doctor asks them to explain the old woman. Rajmata scolds them for their big sin. She warns them about Veer, who will be punishing them. Constable laughs on her and threatens to arrest her. He says your grandson is mad, he is tied up, how will he punish us, get out of here. Veer wakes up and gets angry hearing this. Veer gets free from the ropes and says a big crime is happening, you will be punished. Constables go to stop him. Veer beats them. Rajmata looks on. Doctor hides and says he is in different avatar. Veer beats everyone who comes in between and catches the doctor to punish him.

Rajmata asks Veer to stop it. Neeraj gets down the truck and also takes the idol. Doctor and everyone come there and ask the driver about the idol. The driver says I will find the idol and give you. He checks all the boxes and don’t get the idol. He says I had this mad man with me, I gave him lift. Abhiram asks what nonsense, when did I come, who are you calling mad, I just came with them. The driver says I gave you lift. Akshay says he just came with me. Driver asks how can this happen, yes, his clothes are different, that man was wearing clothes like a beggar, he looked like him. Archie thinks how will we take idol to Kashi, what’s happening. Veer runs after the doctor. Doctor runs to save his life. Rajmata calls to inform Archie. She asks driver to take her to Veer fast. Veer catches the doctor. The doctor gets hit by a car. Veer gets fine and rushes to see the doctor.

Rajmata comes and takes Veer with her. He asks what happened, how did I come here, I don’t remember. She makes him sit in the car. She sees police and makes Veer rest in her lap. She asks driver to drive fast. Inspector misses to see them. He informs about the doctor’s death and alerts the team to catch Veer soon. Akshay and Abhiram are on the way. Archie is also finding the idol. Abhiram says we should separately find tthe idol. Akshay says we don’t know what will that man do with the idol. Neeraj prays to Kaal Bhairav. Thakur reaches him and asks the driver to get the idol. Pavitra injures driver and Thakur. She says if you want the idol, reach the market with my child. She runs after Neeraj to get the idol. She asks him to give the idol. She takes the idol and runs. Neeraj runs after her. Thakur calls someone. Pavitra says maybe this idol has some Divya powers, once I get my child, I will get away from this Kanakgadh. She gets shocked seeing Kaal Bhairav. Neeraj says Kaal Bhairav ki Jai.

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