Kaamna 23rd June 2022 Written Update

Kaamna 23rd June 2022 Written Update by Sona

Kaamna 23rd June 2022 Written Episode

Yatharth opens the door when Ayesha brings the box, he asks if anyone saw it but Ayesha explains this is just as he asked her, Yatharth hugs her after opening the box when he notices that Ayesha is tensed so asks what happened, she replies that her mother and Manav got in a fight so who is going to take care of her since she is still not well.

Manav tries to refuse when Niharika explains that he must not mix his personal life with the professional as he said it himself, he tries to reason with her but she is not ready to accept any excuse and ends the call mentioning she has to leave for a meeting. Manav wonders how can he convince Niharika, he sees Ayesha coming so asks her how is she doing, she is sad and Manav asks the reason yatho replies she has something really important to talk with him, Manav explains he has understood that she is worried who is going to take care of her mother now that they both have gotten in a fight, Manav assures her to not be worried as he is not angry with her but this all was just a drama to separate her from Vibhav, Ayesha mentions that he is really a nice person so Manav praises her, Yatho explains he said that his father is a magician. Sakshi comes to them all mentioning how it has gotten really late so they both must go to sleep, Sakshi also leaves wishing Manav good night, he gets tensed wondering if all of them forgot that tomorrow is his birthday.

Karan comes running asking Swati if she took the money that he kept in his wardrobe, he then blames it bubbly who immediately complains to Swati that Karan always blames her, she informs how she asked Akanksha to clean the wardrobe, karan immediately thinks that she would have taken his money so questions Swati where is Akanksha, Swati replies she has gone for shopping, Akanksha returns with the bags, karan immediately blames that she bought these things with his money, Swati starts questioning how did she get the money to buy all these things, Akanksha explains she was about to ask karan but he was not at home, he says this is why she stole the money and asks what was so urgent, Akanksha explains tomorrow is the birthday of Manav and she thought he would forgive her, she would surely get back with him and when that happens would return his money, Swati questions if the shop owner would take back the things that she bought from him, Akanksha asks why is she asking this questions to which Swati informs she will not take her to Manav’s birthday as she doesnot want to ruin his life once again, Akanksha acts as if she is crying explaining how she knows how much she has changed, she asks her mother to at least tell Manav how much she misses him and wants to be a part of his life.

Manav is shocked to see that they all have gone to sleep, he returns to his room thinking if they all actually forgot his birthday, he decides to wish himself and praises how he has become really successful in life and is going to achieve a lot in the near future, he decides to go and sleep. Sakshi mam is waiting with everyone and they rush to wish Manav, he comes out of the bed with a smile. Yatho and Sakshi mam question if he thought that they would forget his birthday when he is a super dad, Sakshi says and a super friend while Ayesha also calls him super uncle. Manav seeks the blessings from Malti aunti. Yatho mentions he was waiting just like a child for the wishes. Manav questions what difference does age make as his heart is still that of a child, he asks Yatho for his gift who replies that he forgot it so Manav starts tickling him threatening to also forget bringing his chocolate. Manav sees Ayesha is tensed, he asks her to not be so worried as everything would be fine, he asks for a smile after which she gives him a rose. Manav receives a text from Niharika who explains she is going to wait for him at the party.

Malti aunti is placing the things in the fridge when she hears someone at the door so goes to see that the guard is stopping Akanksha from entering the house, she says that he must go and tell Manav that she has come since she just wants to give the gifts to Manav, Malti aunti calls Nirmal who whispers something to the guard, and he says that they have ordered him to never let her inside the house.

Akanksha calls Manav but he doesnot answer and so she tries calling Yatharth, he also turns off the mobile. She then texts Manav that she has come to meet him but Yatharth hugs him exclaiming there would not be any negativity on his birthday, the guard asks her to leave so she agrees.

Swati opens the door when she gets tensed seeing Akanksha with the gifts and asks if she felt nice as the person only bears the humiliation for so long but she doesnot understand anything, Akanksha replies she doesnot want to listen to her orders, Akanksha explains that it is not like that as by the time she reached the house they all had gone to sleep, Swati replies she has not forgotten anything, she is well aware that they would still be awake, Akanksha replies that everything has changed as they would only get stay awake when she was with them but now things have ruined, she would however make sure to correct them after she enters the life of Manav. Bubbly seeking the opportunity takes the gift into her room. Swati thinks she is knowing what they all desire by the way they are treating her, as they have used her own techniques against her.

Ayesha praises Sakshi for her cooking revealing how well the cake is looking, she asks her to talk in a slow voice, Yatho also texts Bubbly inviting her to the party along with Karan and Swati. Ayesha signals that he has arrived so they all hide the things but Malti aunti accidentally lets go of the balloon which starts flying, Sakshi manages to catch it before Manav sees the balloon mentioning that there are a lot of flies, Manav turning to them all explains how he has decided that they would have dinner at a restaurant so they must decide it amongst themselves, everyone gets tensed when Malti aunti refuses saying she is not well and her back is aching so she is also not able to digest the food, Sakshi explains she has decided the menu and it would be cooked, Manav questions what has she planned for, she mentions she would make Khichri in the lunch while would make a vegetable in the night, Manav is stunned hearing this, they all start smiling seeing his condition. Sakshi acts as if she just realized that today is also his birthday so she jokes of how she would make something sweet for him, Manav in a sad voice says he can eat the sweet vegetable, Malti aunti acts as if her back is hurting when Sakshi says it feels she has a viral infection, Yatho suggests Manav should take her to the hospital, she however refuses but he mentions that his health is more important. Manav gest a call from Akanksha but he declines it.

Bubbly comes to the house with the bags, she calls both karan and Swati aunti to come and see how much shopping she has done for them all, Akanksha questions where are they going, Bubbly reveals Yatho has planned a surprise birthday party for Manav and invited them all, she asks if he did not invite her, Akanksha exclaims she would also go with them to Manav;s birthday, karan suggests they should also bring some almonds as Akanksha has forgotten that she is divorced, Swati refuses to take her with them, Akanksha requests them all to inform Manav how much she has changed and request him to give a little space to her in his house.

Precap: Niharika wonders why has Manav not arrived to his own birthday party, Akanksha is also tensed in the house thinking Manav never celebrates any birthday without her so she must also go to his party. Manav enters the house with Malti aunti and if left stunned seeing the surprise, Yatharth questions how is her Sakshi mam looking, Manav is left stunned.

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