Kahani Hamari 16th May 2016 Written Update

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Kahani Hamari 16th May 2016 Written Update by MA

Kahani Hamari 16th May 2016 Written Episode

The episode starts with Gauri getting a dream about Manu and Madhav and their story. She wakes from sleep worried and see alram beeping at 5 a.m. Mom comes and asks if she saw same dream. She says yes and says daily she has to change job, if her life will not be easily, she just needs a stable job. Mom asks her to have patience, soon they will go to Goa and their life will be easy then. She gets ready and leaves for job.

Gaura walks on street in the early morning. Shivin and Ahan’s car passes by close to her. She shouts. Sanovi…song…plays in the background. Ahan gives beer to Shivin and asks him to enjoy. Shivin says he cannot as he has to drop him home, else his hitler dad will not spare him. He suggests they can go to college from his home. Aham says if his dad sees him, he will fume as their fathers are rivals. Their talks continue and they both leave for home.

Gaura as pizza delivery girl chants ganapati mantra and complains that she chants mantras 108 times daily, even then she is struggling. she prays not to trouble her Akshay bhaiya as he is her only hope now. Her boss calls her and asks to deliver pizza soon, else lose job. She rushes to the address and rings bell. Boys from opposite flat peep till 30 min get over and discuss that they will enjoy free 800 rs pizza. They ask Gauri where was she. She says they gave wrong address. They say her company updated wrong address. They snatch pizza. She says if they don’t pay, it will be cut from her sorry. They say oh really and lock door. She knocks door again and gives sauce, thinks she will lose this month’s salary. She goes to pizza shop where boss gives her 101 rs as month’s salary and fires her.

Gauri goes and meets her mom who is sitting on tree and asks what happened. Mom says she lost her job. Gauri gives her hifi and says even she lost job. Mom worriedly says they did not pay grocery bills since 3 months and have to send money to Akshay in Goa. Gauri says they should leave everything to god and soon Akshay will open restaurant and their problems will be solved. Mom says they should trust themselves and not others. They both walk on street and mom gives 10000 rs as her final salary and says they can spend their 1 month easily. Biker speeds up and passes between them. Money flies in air and mom falls down. Biker falls down and someone helps him. Gauri asks if he is blind. She slips, he holds her. She asks to leave her. He drops her on road and leaves in bike while she continues shouting.

Biker meets Shivin and removes his helmet, revealing he is Ahan. He asks Shivin where is his mother. Shivin says mom asked him to bring water and escaped. Shivin angrily punches car bonnet and injures his hand. Shivin stops him and rushes on bike to get medicine. Gauri sees same bike and stops him and asks how dare he is to injure her mom and escape. He says it was not him, but he will pay her losses. She says he cannot show his money power, she will take her to police. Public says girl is right, he should be taken to police.

Ahan fumes reminiscing Shivin’s words that his mom escaped sending him to bring water. His dad Mr. Vadhera calls him and says he is sending link which will prove Shivin is his biggest enemy and not bestfriend.

Shivin takes Gauri aside and says it was his friend and not him. He sees news about Ahan’s mother Avantika eloping with her boyfriend. Ahan also watches link and panics. Shivin calls him, but he rejects call. He tells Avantika that his friend’s mom left him forever and takes her to Ahan. Ahan pushes him and says he lied. Shivin asks to trust him. Ahan shouts he broke his trust and continues shouting, how could he inform wrong news to media, how could he tarnish mom’s character. Gauri thinks mom said right, richer people are, bigger problems they have, Shivin is a lier and must have injured her mom. Ahan continues yelling and says Shivin is his life’s biggest mistake.

Precap: Gauri shouts at Ahan and Shivin to stop fighting. She asks mom if pawn broker gave 15 lakhs for small jewelry. Mom thinks she does not know that she mortgaged their house and asks her to send this money to Akshay. Gauri and Shivin pass without noticing each other. She senses his presence.

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  1. Wahi'z Pearl
    May 19, 08:09 Reply

    Karannnnnnn <3
    So glad to see u back as Shiven..
    U r doing a gr8 jobbb.. Luvvvvvv uh

  2. jia
    May 17, 11:55 Reply

    waiting for next epi..

  3. I was wondering who is the hero lead bcz both are good looking and both are good at acting
    But too good to know that Karan is in lead with the actor!
    Love to see Shivin soft side and that Gauri and Shivin have past connections 🙂

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