Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 14th March 2014 Written Update

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Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 14th March 2014 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 14th March 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajveer asking Simran to see the necklace. Rajo looks at them and waits for Simran to be bitten by the snake. Rajveer insists. Simran lifts the box and opens it. Rajo smiles. There is no snake but only the necklace. Rajo is shocked. Simran smiles and says you were right, it looks more beautiful than before. Rajveer smiles and praises Simran’s beauty. Rajo cries seeing them closer and leaves. She comes to Didi and gets angry on her. Didi asks her to talk slowly, if anyone hears it, they will kick her out of the house. Rajo says I came in this house for Rajveer, if I don’t get him, I will ruin everything. She warns Didi. Didi says calm down, you are like my daughter, we will talk later. Rajo says do something for me.

Didi says sit here and listen to me. She says I promise you that Rajveer will be only yours. She asks Rajo not to be foolish. Rajo says why did you take out the snake, Simran is your enemy also, why did you do this. Didi says you are going to become my bahu, think of a better revenge, not so easy one. She says I want to bring out Simran’s truth infront of everyone and want to see her getting insulted by them. She says the day will bring happiness for me. Rajo smiles. Didi wipes her tears and asks her to go and rest. Rajo leaves.

Its morning. Simran and Rajveer takes Tau ji’s blessings greeting him. Rajo keeps an eye on them. Tau ji tells Rajveer that Simran should not lose in the elections. Rajveer says don’t worry, Simran will win, I m with her. Tau ji asks them to do the campaign in different areas. Simran says fine and leaves with Rajveer. Rajo smiles and says Tau ji did a good thing to separate them. She says it means Rajveer will be alone whole day and its good.

Wazeero studies lying under the bed. Her dad comes and scolds her for studying. Her mum asks what happened. He says look at her, she is hiding her to study. Her mum says how dare you touch the books. Wazeero says I was not studying, I was seeing only pictures. He says if Tau ji comes to know, he will kick us out of the village. Simran tells Rajveer that she has to study Wazeero. Rajveer says think about Tau ji, he has so much expectations from you, his heart will break. Simran says it won’t happen. She says I can make her dream come true in 30mins time, this risk does not matter to me.

Rajveer prays to the Lord to support Simran always. A boy sees Wazeero with the book and runs. She runs after him to stop him. She tells him that Simran teaches her and don’t tell anyone about it, else her parents will beat her. The boy returns her the book and says I brought tamarind for you. He leaves.

Gabru brings an anklet for Rano and makes her happy. She promotes Welcome show coming soon on Life OK. Gabru hugs her. Simran asks Wazeero did she study. The girl says her dad burned the book. Simran is shocked. She says I did not show him these books, I saved this. Simran says where did you get this. She says I bought this from some money I had. Simran says you would have told me, I will bring books for you. Wazeero asks is it wrong for girls to study. She says every city girl goes to school, is it right? Simran says yes, its true, there is lots of difference between city and village. She hugs her and says she is from Singapore, which is a country.

Rajveer does the campaign asking the villagers to vote for Simran. Rajo stops him and Rajveer is shocked to see her with tiffin. She says have something first. He asks what are you doing here. She says I made food for you. He says did I ask you. She says I was worried about you. He scolds her. She says have home made food. The people look at them. Rajveer sist to eat. Rajo asks where is Simran. He asks why. She says I brought food for her also. He says don’t worry about her. She says fine. Rajveer thinks if she sees Simran with Wazeero, it will be a big problem. Simran tells Wazeero about Singapore. Rajo and Rajveer are walking towards them. Rajveer asks Rajo to leave. Rajveer is shocked to see Simran and Wazeero together.

A man tells Tau ji that someone is teaching her daughter. Rajveer and Simran are shocked.

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