Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 23rd March 2015 Written Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 23rd March 2015 Written Update by Sona

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 23rd March 2015 Written Episode

Cabir says to Manik that that Mukti is getting restless in her life, he looks into his GPR to locate Mukti in that same bar. They head towards it.
Nandini is frustrated that Manik is responding to her calls. Aaliya gets Cabir’s text about Mukti’s location.

Mukti is being misbehaved by the boys in the bar, when Aaliya, Mukti and Navya come there. All the men in the bar were enjoying the fight, and said Mukti isn’t even wearing reasonable clothes. The girls finally beat the boys, Rocky stands up with a bottle in hand and push Mukti behind. Manik just comes to hold his hand and breaks the bottle on Rocky’s face, both have a challenging face on while Manik beats Rocky badly; others come to help but Cabir fights back. A guy is about to attack Nandini, Manik stops him, then goes to Rocky and asks how dare he touched Mukti. The bar manager tells them to leave the bar, else he would call police.

In the evening, Manik was angry at Mukti. Nandini also tells Mukti not to come here again. Mukti was irritated, and tells them that thank you for helping her. Cabir says she will have to listen. Mukti tells them in frustration that she was getting texts from random numbers, what is her mistake when she came here. Aaliya hugs her and says she will have to stay with her. Manik asks to drop them. Nandini says Navya that they must also go, Cabir tells Nandini that it seems Manik’s allergy towards her has vanished, he might drop her and Navya as well. Manik says um, alright. Nandini and Navya were about to get into the car, Cabir stops Nandini and thanks for Mukti. Nandini says Mukti is her friend as well, she thinks the same or not doesn’t matter. Manik comes to Nandini and opens the front door of the car for her. Her hand touched his, he gives her careless looks and says they haven’t got a full night. She gets into the car angrily.

Dhruv was practicing, his maa shouts at him to talk to Cabir. Cabir says to Dhruv that has he become a big man that they have to get appointment with him. Dhruv says they wouldn’t have missed him; they are just Manik’s friends. Cabir corrects him that they were with Mukti, and his ego has grown so much now. Dhruv says they must then let him live with his ego.

After dropping everyone, Manik stops the car at Nandini’s place. She comes out and says thanks. He comes out and blocks her way, asking sarcastically is it how its going to be, thanks? She asks what has she done now. He says right, they will have to be this formal now. She begins to cry, saying she doesn’t understand what they are. He is touched, and stops her from leaving, wipes her tears as he looks into her. He makes her sit on his car, she says he doesn’t need to explain. She knows that he won’t be able to perform if Dhruv stays in the fusion concert, and his happiness is important for him; but we… He asks what we, has she accepted defeat and agrees that he has won. She gets to leave, he holds her to himself and says lets change this challenge and lets make it easier. She says she is really tired, she had all her hopes in the fusion concert and now. He says now that hope has been defeated, while the concert hasn’t yet begun. She says she doesn’t have another option. He moves her face here and there, saying is this the Nandini Murti who is saying she has no hopes and options. She asks what, he says her hope still has a chance to win. He comes closer to her, she backs up. He kisses her nose, she looks at him. He says it’s not over when it seems to be; always remember that. He gives her the way, she goes inside.

Navya comes home and finds her mom sleeping on the couch. The spoon near her crackles, her mom wakes and says her son in law is here. Navya asks in disbelief, her mom says she has cooked so well for him so that he can be made to marry her. Navya goes inside, irritated.

Cabir comes out of recording room, Manik was waiting outside and gives him drink. Cabir says he has come with full preparations, Manik says he has come to meet the coolest RJ of the world and is happy to see him. Cabir asks why is he sad himself, Manik is silent. Cabir asks him to tell him, this is why he has come here. Manik says Nandini is thinking so much, he had told her that if they perform together in fusion concert there is a hope to be together. Cabir asks is there any doubt still. Manik says it is about Nandini, she is stubborn about their performance together. Cabir says that now Dhruv has replaced him. He asks did he mean when he kept this choice of hope. Manik was resistant, then says yes. Cabir says now there Dhruv has gone crazy. He says now Dhruv gets mad after hearing his name, Manik says he is angry at me. He says I have a plan, and we will be able to perform well in the concert. Cabir asks what plan, Manik smiles.

PRECAP: Media questions Mukti what she was doing at the bar and at the boy’s hostel. She shouts it is none of their business. Media accuses her of wearing vulgar clothes.

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