Kartik Purnima 25th February 2020 Written Update

Kartik Purnima 25th February 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Kartik Purnima 25th February 2020 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kuldeep scolds Bina for showing Purnima as a maid. He tells her that you couldn’t hide this truth, she is my blood. Purnima asks him to calm down. Bina says Soni misunderstood her and I didn’t get time to tell her the truth. Nani says if Shanaya is fair and Purnima is not then what’s Shanaya’s fault? Shanaya says Soni doesn’t like dark-colored people then what’s my fault? Purnima tells Kuldeep that it’s not their fault, I went there and I went ahead with this lie, she didn’t force me. Bina is not at fault. Kuldeep hugs her and tells Bina that this girl has a heart of gold and you did that with her? Shame on you.

Kartik’s father asks Chachi how could you take Purnima as a maid? Chachi says Soni doesn’t like dark-colored people. Sumrit says don’t know what will Soni decide now. Kartik says I don’t know why Soni hates dark-colored people so much.

Soni sits in the room alone and recalls all the incidents.

Kuldeep cries looking at the sky. Purnima comes there and says my mom wouldn’t like you crying like this, you have to eat something. All have eaten. Kuldeep says you are lying, you didn’t eat. I couldn’t take care of you, how could you allow them to call you a maid? Purnima says we can curb hatred with love, my mom said that to me and I follow that in my life. I have blessings of you and my mom, nothing wrong can happen to me. Kuldeep hugs her and eats with her. Purnima thinks that don’t know what Soni must be thinking.

Scene 2
All are trying to open Soni’s room but she has locked it. Kartik says I will go and talk to Kuldeep. Chachi says we don’t have to apologize for their mistake.

Purnima brings the water for Beeji. Beeji says don’t worry, the truth had to come out, we can make relationships based on a lie. Purnima says what happened was wrong, Soni really hates dark-colored people but she holds Shanaya’s future so I will go and talk to her. Beeji says you can’t change her mindset. Purnima says but I will do anything to make this right. Beeji says you can’t change her. Purnima says support me, I will say sorry to her and will make sure that Shanaya marries in that house.

Soni recalls her childhood and how scared she used to be when she saw someone hanging themselves to a fan and how another woman told her that dark-colored people have dark hearts, they can’t be trusted. Soni says dark-colored people can’t be trusted.

PRECAP- Chachi sees Purnima in their house and asks her to get lost. Soni comes there. Purnima says I know you have a problem with this marriage. Soni says you must know the reason too? Purnima says yes, it’s me.

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