Kasautii Zindagii Kay 20th March 2020 Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 20th March 2020 Written Update by Amena

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 20th March 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nivedita angrily working in kitchen. She calls Prerna and shouts on her. She says you have won the auction, I lost my CEO post because of you, I will attack on you at such a time when you aren’t prepared, I will win Komolika’s trust. Prerna says I thought you will know her games, but no, thanks for reminding me to target Komolika also, who is the CEO now. Nivedita says Ronit has taken my place, he is CEO of Basu industries now.

Anurag comes to his room. He removes the frame and turns it. He sees Prerna and his pic. Thodi jagah …..plays….. He recalls their memories and touches her pic. Prerna gets Anurag, Komolika and Ronit’s pics on the darts. She says I can’t tolerate cheat, Anurag you are the first. She thinks of him. Ajeeb dastaan…..plays… She says you have started this game, I will be not leaving you, welcome back Ronit, even you have to bear this. Ronit says I will give you a brilliant idea. Komolika says I won’t be shocked, you are my brother, I m sure the idea will be good, which some people aren’t able to think. Anurag looks at her. She sees Nivedita. She says Anurag will know his wife is beautiful and gorgeous, and also smart. Prerna talks to her manager. She says I think we should change the plan. He says we can’t do this now. She makes a new plan.

She says there is no development with no jobs, its residential land, we have to get them jobs. Ronit says Prerna has bought this land and destroyed our profit making, that’s sad, but we can cut down her profits. Prerna says I have an idea, we will make this commercial, we will make everything there, like a township. Ronit says we will make a mall and have a land behind it, we have to get the municipality permission to make the land residential. Prerna says we have to make this land commercial. Ronit says we will sell the flats for a low price, Prerna won’t be able to sell her flats, it will be big loss for her, Prerna will realize that she is at loss. Komolika asks Nivedita to see him.

She asks Anurag to get the commercial land converted to residential land. Anurag says don’t worry, I will do it. She warns him. He asks are you threatening me. She says I just care for the results. Anurag says I m giving the result every day, you decided to be with me, now bear it. Kajal gets tea for Prerna. Prerna says its nice, don’t make me habitual, don’t know where is the driver, he left the keys. He asks Mahesh how did she get such a sweet girl. Mahesh and Kajal smile. Prerna leaves. Kajal says your sister is so lovely, I think she earned a lot, it looks like a palace, do some buttering and she will hire you. Mahesh says stop it, its not good to get selfishness in relations. Kajal asks him to get the cup, Veena said they will do their work on own. Prerna comes. Kajal says he isn’t listening to me, I told him that I will keep the cup. Prerna says you both are very cute. She gets a call and goes. Kajal scolds Mahesh.

Komolika goes to a room and picks a doll. She says you said I won’t be becoming a mother, but I have become, your baby… sad, she isn’t in this world, I wish I could see your crying face. FB shows Komolika coming to the orphanage. The man says there was a fire breakout, everyone got killed, even the baby you got here. She says I came to meet Chandrika. He says you are stone hearted, but that woman cried a lot. She asks Chandrika. He says no, she was lean and tall, she asked about you. She shows Prerna’s pic. He says yes, it was her, she was crying a lot and running into fire. FB ends. Komolika thinks Prerna didn’t become a mum, its so sad that the baby died in the fire.

The girl meets Prerna and asks her to keep the balloon. Prerna says no. The girl gives the balloon. Prerna asks how old are you. The girl says 8 years. Prerna looks on.

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