Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 17th January 2022 Written Update

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 17th January 2022 Written Update by Atiba

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 17th January 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kashi hugs Baji. He tries to protect her. He says they are attacking from all side. Go to that camp. He asks soliders to take her inside. Baji fights with the goons. Kashi stands there and looks at him. Baji goes in the flying arrows. Kashi goes after him and hugs him. He says why did you come again? She says I am with you to stand by you. You’re my friend. Baji tries to protect her. Baji says how will I answer your family if anything happens to her? She says Kashibai doesn’t belong to chaskaman neither saswad. She only knows her friend and she can die for him,.

Baji runs in the field and goes after a goon. A lot of them surround him. Baji fights with them. Baji fights with them. A goon comes from behind and tries to stab him. Kashi runs and stops his sword. She saves Baji. Baji is shocked. Baji stabs him. Balajoshi stabs Baji’s hand. It bleeds. Kashi falls down and hurts her head. Baji fights with them and is about to stab Balajoshi. Kashi stops him. She says go from here. Balajoshi runs. Kashi sits in a corner and cries. She recalls Balajoshi stabbing Baji’s arm. Baji says what happened Kashi? She can’t breathe.

Kashi says I thought I lost you forever. I was very scared. I don’t even want to lose you. Baji hugs her and says no one can part us ever. Stop crying now. She says so many people died from our and their side. What did anyone get out of the battle? Baji says I can’t tell what was given in the battle but I got a friend, who I want to live with, forever. Kashi says I also found a friend who cares about me more than his life. I would love to be with him forever. Baji caresses her face. Kashi gets up. Baji says I know you don’t like all this. And neither am I asking you to. Friends should be accepted with their choices. Kashi says I also respect your sword now. That sword not only takes life, it saves too. His man says Balaji all defeated the enemy. Let’s go home.

Scene 2
Krishna cries and says Ganga Kashi isn’t back. She says don’t be scared. Krishna says I am scared. Annu says this is a fighter’s house. Ganga says he cares for his sister. Annu says then she should have gone with her and not cry here. I didn’t know they Mahadji’s brother was killed by sword and they got scared and became bankers. I wouldn’t want Kashi to be my DIL. Krishna says I am not a coward, if I were I would have tried to stop this wedding. I go to battle for Kashi and Baji.

Scene 3
Baji tells his horse we won. He helps Kashi wash her face. Baji recalls how she saved him. He turban falls. Baji ties it again. He says when I tied your hair the air stopped. Kashi says the air must be thinking the hands that broke my pot are tying my hair. Baji says would you promise something? She says yes? He says never come to battle with me again. A fighter should have no fear in the battle ground of losing anything. I feared losing you today. You can pray for me. I will have double the strength. But promise me you won’t ever come with me again. She says fighters are so selfish. You will subside your fear but what about my fear waiting for you? I won’t do this promise. Whenever I think my friend needs me, I will be there. Let’s go.

Baji tries to get on horse. Kashi says sit on the back, I will ride it. He laughs and says you? She says yes Ram taught me. Sit aat the back. Are you scared? He says no no. How long will you call me Beri (enemy) Baji. Kashi smiles.

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