Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 26th January 2022 Written Update

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 26th January 2022 Written Update by Atiba

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 26th January 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kashi and Baji are on their way. Kashi faints. Baji holds her. Baji says Kashi.. He takes her down the horse. Baji says Kashi open your eyes. He gives her water. Kashi opens her eyes. baji gives her water. Baji says sorry I rode really fast. I didn’t know you would get tired. You should rest. Baji says we have to get to Balaji. He will reach. Baji says rest a bit. Baji says why didn’t I see this Kashi who cares so much about others. You’re a fighter. Kashi says I’ve to get to balaji before he meets Shahu.

Balaji enters he castle. Baji and Kashi come out. Baji says he went inside. He rides really fast. Kashi says I will speak to him. Baji says how? Kashi says i’ve to meet Shahu Maharaj myself. Baji says that won’t happen. Kashi says your effort and Radha’s trust on me would go in vain. The guards don’t let them in.

Scene 2
Radha says I don’t know what solution Kashi had. I know she’s a kid. but I felt like trusting her. I hope she does a miracle and Balaji becomes a minister.
Krishna says my sister is wise. I know she must have a good idea. Annu says baba would be so mad. She’s such a drama. Baji has become her puppet. She will be punished today too, she will cry and then go back to chaskaman. Chimaji says shut up Annu.

Scene 3
Shahu Maharaji says to Balaji I didn’t expect this from you. Was this your duty, you were army chief and my minister got detained under your rule? You couldn’t do anything. Any minister won’t feel safe under your army rule? Rani sahiba must be laughing at us. We’ve to save our respect and save the minister. Balaji says I sent him some soldiers but they fooled him. He shouldn’t have gone alone. We can’t send more soliders and risk his life. She won’t take a moment to kill him. Or she will ask for a huge wealth. I can’t decide that and do dialogue. I am just an army chief, I can’t make these decisions. The other minister says he won’t speak to a soldier. Shahu says Balaji find a solution. i won’t talk to her. Balaji says I don’t have a solution. We have to solve it together. Guard says Balaji’s son Baji wants to meet you. He has a solution. Balaji is shocked. Shahu says you didn’t tell me he was also coming? And what solution does he have? Balaji says I came alone. Shahu says send him in, he might have an idea.

Baji comes in and bows down to Shahu. Balaji says what are you doing here? Who will protect saswad? Baji says it was important I had to come. Shahu says what is it? Baji says there’s a solution to save minister from rani sahiba. It’s my wife Kashi’s idea. It’s better if she explains it. Balaji says are you out of your mind? This isn’t a joke. What are you doing. Baji says we wanted to speak to you on the way but you reached before us. THe other minister says this is your insult. Baji is a fighter but his wife is a kid. She doesn’t know anything. We shouldn’t waste time. Baji says I request you please listen to her once. Balaji says sorry they’re kids. Please forgive them. Go back with Kashi Baji. Baji says okay.. He walks out. Shahu says stop. I want to meet Kashibai.

Kashi comes in. Shahu asks her what’s the idea that you have? Kashi says I wanna tell you about a story. Baji says what? Are you here to tell a story? Shahu says tell me your story. Kashi says in my house, Annu was twisting my friend Ganga’s hand. Ganga saw kamini a maid. Annu didn’t see her. Ganga said your mom is here. Annu got scared and left her hand. Baji says what are you saying? All kids are scared of aai. Kashi says if Ganga called Kamini, Kamini, Annu won’t have left her hand. Now apply the same story on the minister. Ganga is the minister, Annu is the one who detained him. And keep my father in law in Kamini’s place. Everyone is shocked. If he goes as army chief, his worth would be of Kamini and they won’t leave the minister. Shahu says then what to do? Kashi says bring his worth from Kamini to my mother in law. Then they would leave the minister. Shahu says how would that happened? Kashi says by making Balaji the minister. Everyone is shocked. Balaji says what are you saying.

Shahu stands up. Balaji says sorry, she’s a kid. The minister says I think her solution is good. If we make Balaji minister, rani would think the other minsiter doesn’t have a value now. It would be easier to bring him here. Baji says when baba goes there as minsiter, he can take any decision that’s needed and you don’t need to go to them either. Kashi says you must have a lot of people who must be more capable than him but you know there’s no brave fighter like him. People might question your decision and might say he used this situation to become the minister. But he didn’t even know we were coming here. Shahu sits down. He says where did you get courage to speak all this? Did you even realize the impact it would have on your family? On Balaji? Didn’t you get scared. Kashi says I am DIL of a soldier’s family and soldiers are never scared. They face the situation.

Episode ends

Precap-Baji says you became minister’s DIL but being Baji’s wife is left. That’s only possible if we both get married. Kashi hugs him and says I want to be your wife and don’t want to be your friend only. A woman says Kashi brought luck to this house. What Balaji’s hardwork and Radha’s prayer couldn’t do, Kashi did it.

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