Katha Ankhahee 16th January 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankhahee 16th January 2023 Written Update by Sona

Katha Ankhahee 16th January 2023 Written Episode

Katha pays Sanjay a visit thanking him for offering her a job. He points her to Viaan standing behind her. Sanjay asks Katha to be constructive as an architect. She needs to think wisely. Viaan wants to keep his team, Katha must give him a chance. Sanjay leaves the office. Viaan apologizes for his past mistakes, he did this knowing that Katha wont come if he called. Katha taunts him for laying this trap, deciding to buy her with money, making her stuck in office. Viaan clarifies, men are prone to make mistakes. Its only a matter of intentions. Katha asks him to leave, there is nothing worth buying here. Viaan shuts her up, he is tensed and unable to understand what went wrong between them. Katha says that she will leave, Viaan will not follow, if he does Katha will make a mistake. Katha opens a door. Viaan questions why she came to that hotel room. He offered her that money just for time, she isn’t corrupt, not hungry for money, returned his remaining money, didn’t take bribe from pyramid. He points her old bag, her same old living standards. Viaan has a lot of questions, he just wants answers from her. He accepts his mistake for taking Katha to Dubai or calling her here. He begs her to tell him what she did with that money. Katha questions if telling the truth would change everything that happened, will turn Viaan back to the proud human being he was. She accepted Viaan’s ugly offer, but remember, that Viaan laid that offer. She came with pure intention and left. She is not guilty of anything, only hurt. Viaan tries to clarify. Katha intervenes, says that he tried to buy her again with a larger amount. Now Viaan doesn’t want the darkness, but the dawn to take away his guilt. She calls him for being proud, decision maker, wealthy yet considering himself the weak. Katha will not answer any questions, asks him to live with his guilt. Katha leaves, he sits down. Katha comes back to take her bag. She asks him to wonder what he will say in front of God. He has time to think about it.

Mr. Garewal enters the room to Kavita reading a book. He requests her to look at him. He says sorry, hasn’t slept all night. Knows that she wouldn’t have slept as well. He is understanding that women are more compose than men. He begs her to listen to him. She agrees. Mr. Garewal asks her to understand that every time he talks about himself, she is always in it. His language gets bitter with the anger. Kavita asks him to understand that it’s bitterness of heart is the issue. He must see Arav once to let the past go. Mr. Garewal defends that he did call her but Katha responded in worst manner. Kavita defends Katha, he mistreated Katha when she needed his help the most. The woman whom Mr. Garewal considers a gold digger refused to take his money to save her respect. They must consider her action as an indication to thank her, for saving their grandchild. They need to fill the gaps they made over the years.

Viaan visits a Gurdwara, he cleans people’s shoes there as act of service. After a while he sits outside. The priest offers him water, knows that Viaan is worried. He is seeking answers. Viaan asks if he is a bad person. The man replied that Viaan is wise because people don’t ask such questions. Viaan asks if he should wait. The man asks him to have patience, time will answer all questions.

Katha receives Ashan’s call. He promises not to talk about office, he just wants to talk to his friend. Katha refuse to meet him. Ashan asks if she wont meet him to listen to his bad jokes or taking Viaan’s anger out. Katha agrees but she will decide the place and time, Ashan will have to come immediately without his plus one. Ashan agrees. He runs down the stairs, crosses paths with Viaan and informs him about meeting Katha today. Viaan questions him for taking address from the management. Ashan is no creep, Katha attended his call and agreed to meet him. Viaan clarifies that Katha made her mind, she will not come back to this office. Ashan is not going to talk about work. He wishes to express his feelings to her.

PRECAP: Kavita wants everyone of her family member to be with her on this birthday celebration. She requests Mr. Garewal to meet Katha and Arav. Viaan’s mother informs him about the invitation to birthday celebration. Arav asks Katha to get ready, she promised his grandmother about them coming. Viaan agrees to go with his mother.

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