Katha Ankhahee 19th May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankhahee 19th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Katha Ankhahee 19th May 2023 Written Episode

Viaan receives a call from Keith who tells him about Amita being in labor, Keith is busy in Lonavala while Amita went to hospital herself. Amita’s mother was supposed to be here, but her flight was late. Viaan asks him not to panic, he is on his way. Viaan rushes out of the office, Katha notices him leaving. She asks Jeetu about it, he informs that Viaan went to help his friend. Katha has some work; she needs to go out for 2 hours and wanted to ask Viaan about it. Jeetu permits her to leave, he will handle everything. Katha thinks that Viaan went to school. Katha takes her bag, orders her college to continue with work.

Viaan leaves in his car, Katha takes a cab to Aarav’ school but asks the driver to follow the white car who is enroute to the same place. Viaan rushes through the heavy traffic. Katha questions the driver for taking the right, the driver is following the white car. Katha wonders for which friend Viaan is out to help because Ehsan is in the office as well.

The newcomers are wondering whom to take as their supervisor, a woman thinks that Ehsan is a good option and him taking her for Rajasthan project would be a blessing. Another one wants to work under Viaan, a CEO as a as a designer. The others join as well. Vanya hears their conversation, the competition is getting tough for her, she needs to get in touch with Viaan.

Viaan asks receptionist about Amrita. The doctor asks Amrita to breath, she refuses to have anything done before Keith comes. Viaan argues with a nurse who refuse to let him in. The doctor came out upon hearing someone shout. The doctor questions Viaan, he tells her that his friend is inside. The doctor confirms by asking Viaan the patient’s name. The doctor after confirming tells nurse to give Viaan a scrub.

Katha asks receptionist about Viaan, than Teeji. The hospital has no patient enrolled in that name. Katha remembers Viaan telling her about Keith and his pregnant wife. Katha goes around to look.

Viaan comes inside to Amrita, she asks him about Keith. Viaan assures that he is on his way. Amrita shouts in pain asking Viaan about Keith. The doctor allows Viaan to hold Amrita’s hand from the opposite side. Viaan comforts Amrita, says that she planned a normal delivery, she needs to be calm and focused. Amrita keeps asking for Keith. The doctor wants Amrita to push. Amrita asks why Keith left, Viaan reminds that he went to buy the crib there, he didn’t know that Amrita would go in labor. The baby is excited to meet Amrita as well. Amrita shouts that people lied; it hurts like hell. She pushes harder on doctor’s command. They finally hear a cry; they announce that Amrita has been blessed with a baby girl. Viaan is perplexed, Amrita will be shifted to normal ward in a while. Kath crosses by the operation theater.

Viaan visits Amrita, nurse brings the doctor. Amrita asks him to hold the baby. Viaan hesitantly holds the baby girl in his hand, congratulates her for having two joyful parents. Amrita asks if he is making fun of them. The baby starts crying, Viaan hums to calm her. Katha notices Viaan, sees him through the glass window. Viaan cries after noticing that the baby girl looked at him directly. He is in love with newborn babies, they are too little and too delicate. It’s for the first time he held on in his hands. Amrita asks him to appreciate her a bit, Viaan congratulates her, she made a miracle. Tears pour down Katha’s eyes as well.

Kavita sees Katha crying in the hall, she is the hospital with Reet to get Yohan vaccinated. Kavita tries to call her but Katha leaves.

Amrita asks Viaan if he is alright. Viaan has never left anything like this, she agrees with Katha saying that he knows nothing about fatherhood. Amrita knows that Viaan is missing Katha. Viaan tells that he is seeing a miracle being born, but he never experienced it. He wonders what he is doing by interfering in the miracle Katha and Aditya gave birth to. Amrita assures that Viaan will be a good father because he is a good man, fully committed. He will learn when the time comes. Viaan thanks Katha for it, Amrita knows that he wouldn’t come otherwise. Viaan would come but might not have the same feeling. Kavita sees Viaan.

PRECAP: Katha wonders why Viaan is talking to his friends about her. Kavita questions Viaan for binding his name with Viaan when she has directly refused. Ehsan tells Katha that Viaan has hope but not expectations. Kavita tells Viaan that hope is big enough to bring two hearts together or break them forever. Viaan takes care of the baby, she doesn’t stop crying. Ehsan brings Katha to help, she asks Viaan if he discusses something about with to Keith and Amrita.

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