Katha Ankhahee 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankhahee 22nd May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Katha Ankhahee 22nd May 2023 Written Episode

Katha receives notification about the parent teacher meeting. She gets herself a glass of water when her eye catches look at quotation, she calls someone whom she asks to meet.
Kavita comes to Viaan, he tells her about Amrita and Keith, introduces her to the baby girl. Kavit congratulates the new mother; her baby girl is adorable. Keith comes in, he kisses his wife on the forehead. Keith holds her child, thanks Viaan for being there to help him. Amrita questions Keith for being late everywhere, Viaan didn’t come here for Keith but Katha. Viaan looks at Kavita. Amrita asks Viaan to tells Katha about him being a wonderful father. Kavita congratulates Amrita once again and leaves. Viaan follows her, he wants to talk to her.

Katha goes to Ehsan asking him to be her friend for the day only, not Viaan. She tells him about being harsh on Viaan regarding his idea of a children amusement park. She unintentionally revoked Viaan’s dark memories of his past. Viaan has been emotionally struck, she followed him to a hospital where she found him holding a friend’s child. Ehsan gets joyful on hearing the news about the birth. Viaan looked happy yet emotional. Katha doesn’t understand the damage she has done, she doesn’t know whom to talk to except Ehsan. He asks her to sit, offers her water. Ehsan doesn’t have words to say, Viaan has changed a lot, he always wanted a girl in Viaan’s life but never expected change to be that huge. Viaan took Katha’s words positively, everything happened for good. Viaan never felt the phase of child growth but now he wants to, to be more sensitive among other friends. He has forgiven his father, started calling him father. Viaan wants to face his past, in fact, he went to meet his father’s mistress to forgive her and get closure. Viaan doesn’t want to look back, not get effected by his past anymore. Katha should let go of the guilt as well. Ehsan tells her about Keith, his wife is pregnant, she must have seen her in the hospital. Viaan has finally achieved on goal. It’s a delight to see a man who hated women feeding a baby girl in maternity ward on one call. The credit goes to Katha.

Kavita questions Viaan for attaching his name with Katha when she has already refused. Viaan denies, his friends were joking, he understands Katha’s position very well. Viaan knows his emotions and has left everything on fate. Kavita asks what if fate doesn’t want them to be together. Viaan doesn’t know that all he knows is that he has changed in the process. He Is becoming a good person.

Ehsan tells that Viaan is only trying to be a better version of himself. He argued about it with Ehsan before, but the perspective changed because of Katha. She had brought light into his life. Viaan writes poetry on firefly that filled his life with light. The firefly is Katha. As a friend Ehsan will be honest to Katha, Viaan biggest motivation is being part of Aarav and Katha’s life. Ehsan has no expectations but hope. Katha agrees with everything, but hope is a very strong word to use.

Kavita tells Viaan that hope is powerful enough to bind or break two hearts, than why should one take such big risks. Viaan never knew he was broken until he met Katha who brought him back together. She has some magical qualities in her. Viaan is only trying to be part of Katha and Aarav’s life because he never felt this emotion before. He has never been more frighten than today after holding a baby, he doesn’t know if he will ever be ready enough to carry that responsibility. Katha has been a father and mother for many years, he has no idea what to say to her. Since Kavita is listening to him patiently, he assures her to never trouble Katha. Kavita asks for a gentleman’s promise.

Katha tells Ehsan that Viaan is hope for something she never promised, she never asked him to change himself. The change may be good for him but the road he is headed on is a dead end, once he hits the end he will return back to his dark phase. Ehsan appreciates Katha for not giving Viaan false hopes. Katha shouldn’t worry because Viaan is well aware of his reality as well.
Viaan has no regrets about his reality, only fears to hurt Katha. He does make some mistakes and Katha scolds her for it. Reet sees them. Viaan has no one to talk to, cant talk to his mother, Ehsan supports him but still. Kavita asks Viaan to keep trying, sometimes help comes from the most unexpected places.

Viaan comes to his cabin with few handbags. Katha enters the office; he asks her to enter after knocking like before. He was kidding, Katha came to inform him that the call with Lonavala’s contactor had been cancelled. Katha asks if his day was busy, Viaan says that things went well. Katha asks about his pregnant friends, Viaan excitedly informs Katha that she delivered a beautiful baby girl. He apologizes for calling Katha late. Katha has no issues, Viaan was only trying to help someone. Katha leaves.

At night, Mr. Garewal comes to Kavita asking about Yohan. The doctor told Reet to continue with the supplements, the fever will continue but not for long. Kavita doesn’t tell him about Viaan. Reet standing behind wondering why she kept it a secret.

At night, Neerja serves katha coffee asking if she has an exam well. Katha is doing her homework to build a constructive conversation with the teachers. Aarav comes to the lounge energetically; he is excited to meet Robin. Katha notices Aarav getting excited to meet Robin, Neerja asks if Katha is jealous. Katha thinks that friendships should be among similar ages, she loves tha fact the Aarav created a beautiful bond with someone because Robin is twice Aarav’s age, same age as Katha. Robin has a life and Aarav is getting dependent on Robin, what if fails to keep up with the friendships. Neerja tells that Aarav will make new friends then, and Robin wouldn’t break the friendship.

PRECAP: Reet questions Kavita for not telling Mr. Garewal about meeting Viaan in the hospital, asks if something went wrong. Katha hears Amrita talking to Viaan about her. She doesn’t like him discussing her to his friends.

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