Katha Ankhahee 25th January 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankhahee 25th January 2023 Written Update by Sona

Katha Ankhahee 25th January 2023 Written Episode

Arav enters the apartment in anger throwing his shoes away. Neeraj says that she will bring a corn to cook it on his steaming head. Neerja questions him for having a delicious meal with Dodo yet being mad at Katha for not coming. Arav has always acted mature than his yet, he doesn’t want anything but his mother to be there with him. Neerja opens the ice cream jar, he viciously takes a bite from it. Arav is right this time, thus demands Neerja’s phone to give Katha call.

Katha attends the call apologizing to her son. Arav has his eyes shout because Katha’s cute face will melt his anger. He wants to Katha to see his face and come back home. Katha requests him to open his eyes, she shows him the people working with her in the office. She confirms that she will not work past office hours and that they will have a pizza in dinner. Arav forgives Katha after hearing about pizza. Jenny informs Katha about Ahsan waiting for her in the office.

Katha enter to office to find Teeju and Farah sitting there. Teeju thought of talking to her son to get Katha a job as an architect. She tells that Viaan is her son while Ahsan is Farah’s. Farah wants Katha to return the favor and help them as well. Teeju recalls their desire to make Katha the face of their NGO. Katha doesn’t see herself an inspiration. Viaan blames that dark night and himself for it. Katha doesn’t want to use her son’s illness to get a medal or reward. Teeju will not pressurize Katha to share her painful story again. Farah understands Katha’s point of view. Teeju notice Viaan standing alone in the corner. Ahsan calls everyone for a lunch. Teeju and Farah are happy to join. Viaan takes a leave, he has to meet a client. Teeju notices something unusual in his behavior. Teeju reminds Farah about their doctor’s appointment. Ahsan and Katha leave for lunch.

At lunch, Ahsan questions Katha about the expenses. He asks if she got a loan after becoming a permanent employee, but they never received any email form insurance company. Sine the day she first got to know about the cancer she prayed for a day to arrive where she doesn’t have to talk about the cancer anymore. Ahsan understand her point so he praises the food. It’s a little fancy for Katha, she and Arav prefers roadside Indian Chinese. Ahsan asks if yellow is her favorite color. Katha like red, the color of blood, yellow is Arav’s favorite.

Katha’s colleague is angry at her for getting preferential treatment, she lied and got caught but still has the job unlike anything that happened before.

Viaan going through his employees data base comes to a conclusion that one of the top tier employees have children. They ones who are mothers never got promoted. Teeju comes to him with a tea break. Teeju knows that Viaan is feeling guilty for not being able to help Katha. Katha never told anyone; it isn’t Viaan’s fault. Teeju doesn’t know him well. Viaan clarifies that he never let Katha get to a position where she could share her problems, she came to him but still. Katha was going through a huge crisis but was still regular to office. Teeu tells that guilt has not treatment, one has to throw it away. Viaan understand how hard it would have been for Teeju to raise him alone. Teeju considered him her biggest support, he used to come to her in hour of need despite knowing how to solve the issue. Viaan support made her forget all her pain and sufferings.

Arav is all ready for first day of his school. Neerja has prepared lunch for him. Faclony enters the apartment with lunch for Arav as well. Neerja and Arav argues about whose lunch Arav will take. Arav is extra energetic hence will take both lunch boxes. Falcony check the door. Kavita has come to meet his schooler grand kid. She hugs Arav, meets Katha and Neerja. Kavita has brought gifts for Arav. She gives him a tab to use for educational purposes and a book to teach him about cricket skills. Arav asks Katha’s permission to take the book to school. Katha allows him, sends him to recheck his timetable and books. She takes the tab from Arav. Neerja invites Kavita to sit while she makes her tea. Kavita questions Katha. Katha know that Kavita ca buy Arav anything, but she can not afford such kids. Katha wants to talk to Mr. Garewal. Kavita makes her the call.

Mr. Garewal assumes it to be Kavita, asks her about the gifts he send to Arav. Katha informs him that he is talking to her. Since he sent Arav so many gifts, she wants him to give her something as well. Arav has no one in his life before, he had his mother, donor, and his grandmother in his life but no male figure. Arav misses his father and she wants her to not to make his life material, she wants Mr. Garewal to spare some of his time for him than the gifts he sent. Mr. Garewal blesses Katha and then bursts in tears. Reet notices Mr. Garewal, she serves him tea and leaves.

Katha and the team are working on the project. Ahsan enters the room praising everyone and asking Katha about her opinion of him wearing a shirt of her favorite color. Katha complements Ahsan, says that red also represents danger as well and bosses don’t have to show their dangerous side. Red is not Ahsan’s color, a lively, friendly yellows suit him better. Ahsan goes to his sit asking about Viaan.

Viaan enter the room with an announcement, it a reinforcement in their belief. Ahsan asks if they should talk it somewhere else. Viaan wants to correct a mistake before someone else directs it to them. He names too female employees who will be joining their senior management team from tomorrow. Ankita has been an entrepreneur and Anjali’s level headed thinking has saved too architectural firms. They both are extremely talents having one commonality; they are both mothers.

PRECAP: Ahsan informs Viaan about the gossip of him loaning Katha with undue favor. Viaan questions Ahsan for considering him wrong. Ahsan tells Katha that she left a strong impact on Viaan because he is someone who never even dated a woman. Ahsan wants Katha to tell him what happened between her and Viaan.

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