Katha Ankhahee 31st May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankhahee 31st May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Katha Ankhahee 31st May 2023 Written Episode

Viaan talks to Amrita over phone, asks her to read a book on baby he ordered for her. Viaan reads a message about a parent complaining about stubbornness of their daughter, they punish her for it but thinks that her behavior has to do something with schools environment. Both Katha and Viaan were shocked to know that. Viaan asks them not to use punishment as an example, talk to their children and sort their problem. Katha suggests them to give their child time out. Viaan disagrees, time out is a punishment. Katha tells that sometimes children are not in right mind to talk, time out is necessary, other parents agree with Katha. Viaan thinks that time out will degrade a child, make him feel like a criminal which wouldn’t be good for them. Katha gets anxious at the message, asks Viaan if he has faced his child’s stubbornness. Other parents agree that Viaan must faced his child’s mood swings. Viaan tries to convince them by telling that their culture promote physical pain as punishment but not psychological, time out is a mental torture which can create anger issues in a kid, he directs the message to Katha. She thought that this group was made for parents and teachers to discuss their problems, but somehow Viaan is only her to listen. Katha will not comment in this group now. She goes back to studying. Other parents asks Katha not to go silent. Viaan apologies, he was only trying to make his point, he will be silent from now so that Katha stays active. He hopes her to reply. Katha ignores the notification.

Next morning, Katha comes to her lounge to find Aditya sitting there. She sits besides him, was remembering him since last night. Katha is mad at him for the surprise visits, asks him to come back to her. She is really stressed, wants to tell him a lot of things but is scared. Aditya turns towards her. She gets up and tells that Viaan discussed everything what Aditya would say, he told everything they discussed about child’s grooming before Aarav’s birth. Aditya speaks that he knows. Katha tells that Viaan is a good man but she doesn’t want to give him any hope. Katha cries, asks him to help her because she doesn’t know what to do. Katha cries, Neerja comes to her. Katha hugs her, tells that Viaan is doing everything to remind her about Aditya though she is trying to block him. Viaan calls Neerja, she doesn’t want to attend. Katha asks her to pick up, he must have something to discuss about the shelter home. Viaan tells Neerja that the designer wants to discuss something before leaving. Katha leaves.

Katha reads a message in the parent teacher group which tells that no one from Aarav’s class is eating from the canteen. Katha wonders what he is doing with the money. She asks Aarav who tells that he uses his pocket money for lunch. Neerja supports him, he tells her about it everyday. Katha asks him about his moneybag, Aarav tells that it is in its place, he leaves. Neerja asks her not to worry, Aarav wont do anything.

Aarav goes to his room, he hides the broken money bag.

Batman meets Robin who offers him protein bad. Batman is not in mood. Robin knows that somethings take time to come out. He asks Batman to trust Robin and tell, he heard in group that students are eating from canteen these days. Batman tells that he lied to his mother. Robin suspects the problem to be big. Batman tells that he and his friends are saving their lunch and pocket money for a friend who is economically weak. Robin understands. Batman tells that his friend isn’t inviting his parents to the basketball match because new shoes are a dress code which he can not afford. Batman and his friends decided to save money to gift their friend new shoes. Robin appreciates it.

PRECAP: Batman tells Robin that the friend who was keeping the money has been caught by his parents. Robin will handle the situation. Viaan texts in the group inviting everyone to meet to discuss a serious matter.

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