Kavya 14th November 2023 Written Update

Kavya 14th November 2023 Written Update by Amena

Kavya 14th November 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kavya asking Giriraj to get electricity supply to the orphanage, the kids will pray for him. Adi takes her away. He asks her not to mess up with Giriraj. He says I m just saving you. She asks are you saving me or your dad. He says you didn’t give me a chance to explain, you were my friend, I have always chosen you between you and dad, friendship means trust. Kavya pushes him and says you are lying to me or yourself, when you played permit game, did you choose me, my dad has gone to jail because of you today. He is shocked. He asks what. She says you got Navya’s coat, everyone was happy to get it, you did the drama, just to get my dad framed, my dad is arrested for taking bribe, get happy now. Anjali thanks Shubh for supporting them. Shubh says everything will get fine. Gauri says we all are with you, Jaideep will come, we should leave now, I will send the food. Shubh says I will wait until Kavya comes, Anjali is alone. Mayank says I m with mum, you can go. Anjali scolds him. Shubh says its fine, he didn’t forget the past, have tea. He says I will drop mum and come. He goes with Gauri.

Gauri says you are doing right, Kavya will also come in your words. Shubh says I m not acting, I m doing this genuinely, what are you saying, Kavya needs me, I can’t live without her, go home. She leaves. Adi stops Kavya and says listen to me, I didn’t know anything about this, I m telling the truth. Kavya says I asked you to stay away, are you taking revenge. He asks how did your dad get arrested. She says you are acting, you had kept money in Navya’s coat and then complaint against my dad. He asks do you really think I can do this. She says you don’t become anyone’s friend, its better to get stabbed in the back than being with you, I wish we never met.

She goes out crying. Malini asks what happened, why are you crying. Kavya says no. Malini asks are you upset with me. Kavya says no, why does the ones we trust hurt us. Malini says people hurt us, the ones close to our heart give deeper wounds, the wounds don’t heal, did Adi do anything. Kavya says no, it doesn’t matter, he isn’t close to my heart that he can hurt me. She leaves. Giriraj is on call. Adi comes and throws the phone away. He argues with Giriraj. Omi interrupts and speaks against Kavya. They fight. Giriraj stops Omi. He asks Omi to go out. Omi goes.

He says one of my son is loyal and other one is smart, Omi is loyal, but Adi, I doubt your smartness. Adi says I m not a fool to forget the real matter, tell me, why did you do this. Giriraj says that girl has no proof, where is the proof. He lies to Adi. Adi says do good to someone, you are power minister, give the electricity supply to the orphanage. The kids hear Alka’s poor English and laugh. Omi comes and scolds her. Kavya comes to support Alka. Alka thanks her. Malini smiles.

Giriraj comes with Adi. He says I got the electricity supply for the orphanage. The kids thank him and hug. He says its okay. Kavya smiles. She asks the kids to go and sit in the bus. Everyone goes. Giriraj asks what did you get doing this. Kavya says we got the electricity, my dad will also come back, I know you are taking revenge on my dad. He says nice story, did you have a proof. She says I will get it, I will prove it, I will find that written order. She goes.

Adi hears them. Malini asks what, Giriraj did this, I will talk to him, such a disgusting thing. Adi says forget it, he will vent anger on you, we can’t trust him. She cries. He pacifies her. She says Kavya is a nice girl, she will walk matching up to your shoulder. He says you are daydreaming, she doesn’t want to see my face, she thinks I have done this, she is right, I have hurt her a lot, her eyes had pain when she fought with Giriraj, she always likes to help others, her dad is her life, how would she feel seeing him in jail, even then she fights for others, who will ask her, can I do something for you. He says this is my life’s big tragedy. She says its life’s drama, go and tell this to Kavya, who doesn’t want someone to stand by in sorrow, go and ask her, show what you can do for her.

Giriraj says burn all the papers in the office. Joshi burns the papers. Kavya meets someone.

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