Kawach 30th October 2016 Written Update

Kawach 30th October 2016 Written Update by H Hasan

Kawach 30th October 2016 Written Episode

Rajveer with Ritu goes on a business trip to Panchameshwar. Ritu lights candles and creates a romantic environment. Rajbeeer asks what is all this. She asks him to enjoy the moments and lures him with her sensous moves. Pari searches Rajbeer in all Panchmer hotels and reaches hotel finally where Rajbeer is. Ritu continues luring Rajbeer. Tumhe Apna bananeka junoon…Rajbeer gets irritated. Jolly stands aside and smirks. He looks at watch repeatedly. Pari reaches room and sees Rajbeer and Ritu’s romance from glass. Jolly enters Rajbeer’s body and smirks at Pari, signalling him that 9 p.m. is nearing. Pari thinks she has to stop Rajbeer and breaks door. She enters with fire torch. Jolly gets afraid seeinng fire torch and runs from there. Torch falls on floor and
room catches fire. Ritu shouts for help. Pari gets her out of room and rushes out. She asks watchman if he saw a blue car going out. He says yes, it went towards mountain. Pari gets into her car. Watchman says it is very dangerous, she cannot go on mountain. She says she has to go and rushes towards mountain. A guard stops her and says snow storm will start and it is very dangerous to go there. Pari asks if he saw a man in car. Guard says yes man was speeding so rashly that he was about to kill him.

Pari reaches cliff and searches Rajbeer. She sees Rajbeer’s car and not him. Jolly comes and laughs on her and says he buried Rajbeer under snow. Pari gets Rajbeer out of snow. Rajbeer is freezed, shivering and unconscious. Jolly laughs how will she take Rajbeer from here, road is blocked, she cannot drive. Pari gets Rajbeer into car and somehow takes him to a nearby hut. She tries to cover him. He continues shivering. She covers him with white sheet, undresses him and even gets herself undressed and gives him her body temperature. In lamhon ke daaman me….song…plays in the background. They both consummate…She dresses them both both. Jolly comes and she throws fire torch. He angrily says she saved Rajbeer this time, what willl she do next, what will happen to her family now. In the morning, Rajbeer wakes up and sees himself in a hut and asks her where is Ritu, what did she do to her. She says he was possessed by evil spirit and did not what all he did and asks if he remembers how he came here. He shouts to stop her drama and pops in his psychiatric pill. She asks what is this. He say he is forgetting things, so he is eating pills. Daadi calls Pari and asks her to come home soon.

At Rajbeer’s house, doc treats Ritu with Rajbeer’s whole family around her. Kabeer asks her who did all this. Ritu says Pari. Pari comes with Rajbeer. Ritu yells if she cannot hold her love, why she is ruining her happiness. She shows half CCTV footage where pari breaks hotel room door and throws fire torch. Natasha says sautan is trying to kill another sautan like her TV serials. Family yells that Pari always acts as saving them, but get hams them more. Daadi says she will never believe Pari will do this. Ritu angrily goes to her room and tries to pack her lugguage. Rajbeer stops her and says he will set things right. He takes back to living room and asks Pari to take whatever she wants, property, fixed deposits, etc., and get out of his life and let him live peacefully with his family. Pari says no. Jolly holds her hand and slaps Rajbeer. He falls down. He says she can stay here then until their divorce proceedings and asks his uncle to proceed with divorce formalities. He tells Ritu that after his divorce with Pari, he will marry her. She says no. Natasha with her usual overacting asks when she loves Rajbeer so much, why she does not want to marry him. She says Rajbeer does not love her at all and whenever he tries to get close to her, Pari interferes. Last time, he promised to marry her, but Pari sat in mantap instead of her. This will continue always. Rajbeer says this time it will not happen, he will marryy her for sure.

Pari goes to her room reminisces her and Rajbeer’s romance, their consummation incident last night, Rajbeer’s family loving her before, etc.. She looks at her and Rajbeer’s marriage pics. Album burns. Jolly comes and tortures Pari lifting her in air. He laughs and says she is so angry..she set fire on him, he did not burn, but her house got burnt instead. He says she consummated with Rajbeer yesterday night, today he separated them forever. Pari says nobodyc an come in between them. He says he has already come, she did not listen what Rajbeer told in living room, he will divorce her and marry Ritu. Pari says it will not happen at all and she will not let him play with her and family’s life. He says he is already playing wit her family and now she will see what all he can do.

Precap: Kabeer and Shreya enjoy their win. A girl Sanyoni comes and Rajbeer greets his father. He then introduces Ritu as his wife. Pari stands near door and sadly listens.

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