Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 11th February 2020 Written Update

Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 11th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 11th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the demons seeing elephants of kesari and says they will become reason for Kesari’s death. They see Maruti coming to the elephants and telling Bandu about them. He asks elephant to sit for sometime. Bandu asks him to show him other elephants. The demons collide with each other and tell that Maruti came in their way. Maruti goes from there. The demons make all the elephants vanish from there. Maruti hears the demon laughing and comes back to the elephant’s place, but they are all missing. He comes to the Palace to inform Kesari. Kesari is shocked to know that all elephants are missing. Rakhtasur as Sadhu ask Kesari why he promised to give him elephant and tells that they will tell about him not keeping the promise. He says vanars must be like that.

Kesari recalls his swear and tells them that he values his words. He says if I don’t give you elephant by evening then I will behead myself and present my head to you. The demons smile. Anjani asks why did you give promise. Sugreev tells that they can get elephant but by tomorrow. Anjani asks Kesari to apologize to Pandit and takes back his swear. Kesari refuses to take back the words. Sugreev goes to get elephant. Maruti thinks he has to protect his pita ji. He tells Bandu that some mayavi shakti wants to harm pita ji. Bandu says yes, elephants was there. Maruti says but it vanished soon. Bandu says how we can face the dangerous power. He says sugreev kaka went to get elephant and says he will also go. He says Jai Shri Ram. Devi Parvati says Kesari is trapped in Rakhtasur’s trap. Mahadev says bhakt shall think intelligently. Maruti goes to the jungle insearch of elephant. Sugreev searches the elephant with the sainiks.

Maruti thinks where to search? Rakhtasur and other Asur laugh on Kesari and tell that they have made all the animals vanish from Someru. Maruti hears the sound and checks in the tree. He finds a bird. He thinks sun is about to set and thinks what to do. Rakhtasur and other asur tell that when Kesari behead himself, they will come in their real avatar and presents many fingers mala to Rakhtasur. They see the sun is about to set…Kesari asks Anjani not to get restless and tells that he is giving his life with his wish, to keep up his words. Anjani says Sugreev will do something. Sevak informs that Sugreev returned. Sugreev apologizes to Anjani and tells that he searched everywhere, but couldn’t get any elephant. Kesari says no problem Sugreev, time has come for me to leave. Anjani is about to faint, he holds her. She nods no. Maruti looks at the sun who is about to set still. The demons laugh. Anjani sits in shock. Kesari takes the sword in the hands.

Precap: Anjani prays to Mahadev to show some miracle. Maruti prays to God and says if his bhakti is truthful then sun shall not set.

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