Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 12th February 2020 Written Update

Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 12th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 12th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kesari going to behead himself. Tara asks Anjani to trust Mahadev. Anjani says Mahadev will only protect my husband and prays to him asking him to do some miracle. She prays to him and sings bhajan. Devi Parvati asks Mahadev if he heard Devi Anjani’s prayers. Mahadev says he is hearing his mother’s prayers, tells that whatever needs to be done, shall be done by Maruti only. Maruti is searching for the elephant and prays to Ram, asking him to guide what to do. Kesari takes his sword. Anjani rings the bell and prays to Mahadev. The demons smile seeing the sun is about to see and Kesari ready to kill himself. Surya Dev is shown and he tells that the day is about to end and takes him to other side. Maruti continues to search elephant. He prays to Shri Ram and says my father’s life is in trouble. He asks him to show some way and recalls his swear. He gets an idea and says if sun don’t set then? He walks a little more and looks at the sun. He prays to Mahadev, Vishnu and says you all are witness of my bhakti for Ram. He says if my bhakti is truthful then the sun will not set until my footsteps are here. His leg comes on the way on the surya dev’s chariot.

Sevika informs Anjani about sun being stagnant and not disappearing. Kesari is about to behead himself, when Sugreev comes and stops him informing him about divinity. Anjani prays to mahadev. The Sumeru people cheer for them seeing the divinity. Rakhtasur gets angry. Surya Dev asks who is he and attacks Maruti’s leg with the fire, but nothing happens to Maruti. Dev raj indra comes to know about someone stopping Surya Dev’s chariot. Narad provokes Devraj Indra against Maruti.

Dev raj Indra says I will go there with all the devtas and will make his astitva end. Surya Dev thinks his powers are nothing infront of this invisible person’s leg. Nandi and bhringi appreciates Maruti’s powers. Parvati says it is Maruti’s attempt to save his father’s live. Mahadev says Maruti can do anything to save his loved ones. Devraj Indra comes to Surya Dev with other Devtas. He says your worry ended, now I have come. Surya Dev asks who is he? Devraj Indra says whoever he is, he has challenged me and I will throw him out. Devraj Indra asks Varun Dev to make the leg go away from the way using the heavy wind. Varun Dev tries to push the leg and used all his powers, but he is pushed back. Devraj Indra asks Agnidev to burn the leg with his fire. Agni Dev tries to burn him, but he himself falls down. Other Devs also tries, but couldn’t harm Maruti’s leg. Devraj Indra says I have to do something and asks all Devs to attack together. Maruti is still standing and smiling.

Precap: Brahmadev asks Mahadev to give him good carrier. Tiger comes infront of Maruti. Maruti smiles.

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