Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 5th February 2020 Written Update

Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 5th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kehet Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 5th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Maruti asking Anjani to open the door and tells that he didn’t mean to hurt her. Anjani says if you care for me even a bit then wouldn’t have done this. He says you know how much I love you, but you didn’t know how much I missed you, want to rest my head on your lap, want to have laddoo with your hand and says he is very hungry. He says I know even you are hungry and asks shall I make you have laddoo with my hand. Anjani gets teary eyes and tells that he will be kept in cowshed all day. Kesari says he is just 5 years old. Parvati and Mahadev talk about Maruti facing punishment by Anjani. Maruti thinks he couldn’t tell his mother about finding his Aaradhya due to Rishi Durvasa’s preachings. He talks to a cow bholu and its mum to forgive him. He then thanks the mother cow. He thinks how to convince my Mata. He recalls Rishi Durvasa’s preaching. He thinks if the door will be opened by Ram’s name and if my Mata will agree. He sits down and chants Ram. All the cows hear him. Narayan and Mahadev smile. Bhringi asks how can Ram’s name glory will be known if the cowshed door is opened. Mahadev asks them to witness the glory of Ram’s name. Kaamdenu Mata blesses him. The cows starts giving milk in abundance, soon the milk river flows in Kishkanda.

All the villagers witnesses this divinity and drinks milk from the river. Maruti and the cows are about to get immersed in the milk river. Everyone hear milk river flowing out from the palace and Ram sound coming. Tara asks Anjani to forgive Maruti. Anjani says she will not forgive him easily. Tara tries to make her understand. Anjani says she don’t want Maruti to get cursed by Rishi Durvasa. She says Maruti will be in cowshed today. Just then Tara, Anjani and Roma witness the milk river and get surprised. The people of kishkanda get afraid and tell that the milk is coming from kesari mahal. Devi Parvati tells that Kishkanda people are afraid of Ram’s name miracle. Soon the people come to kesari mahal and asks Kesari to help them. Kesari is shocked to see the milk river. They realize that the milk is coming from their cowshed and try to open the door, but it gets stuck. Parvati asks who will win.

Mahadev makes all the milk come in the pot and it pours on Mahadev and Maruti’s heads. Anjani asks Maruti to answer her. Maruti opens the door and hugs Anjani. Anjani apologizes to him and asks for forgiveness. Maruti says mistake was mine. He says I will not trouble you again and hugs her. Roma says from where the milk storm came. Kesari says only Mahadev must be knowing. Tara says may be this is Rishi Durvasa’s blessings. Kesari says lets all of us thank Mahadev and Rishi Durvasa. He thanks them. Maruti thinks because of Ram’s glory, my mum agreed. He thinks they didn’t know that this miracle is due to my Aaradhya’s name. Mahadev says this is done by your and my Aaradhya. Maruti thinks he will make everyone known to this divine name. Kesari says har har mahadev.Mahadev says Shri Ram….

No Precap.

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