Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 27th December 2013 Written Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 27th December 2013 Written Update by Vishwal

Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 27th December 2013 Written Episode

The episode starts with sanjay getting Shruti for dinner and he asks her to have dinner but prabha says that shruti cannot have dinner with the family cause she has AIDS n she does not want anyone to get this disease in the family. Then sanjay says that she will have dinner here only and prabha says that if Shruti will have dinner here then she won’t have dinner saying so she leaves the dining table n goes away. Then she goes in sanjay’s room and removes his clothes and says that he will stay in another room but sanjay asks her not to overreact n so prabha gets angry n leaves from there.

Prabha goes angrily in her room n riddhi comes behind her n asks her not to make a issue of this n not destroy shruti’s marriage n so she does not want to destroy sanjay n shruti’s marriage. Riddhi leaves the house and says that she will go in her house n save her marriage.

Then sanjay goes n gets Ami from a party where she was being forcefully taken by her friends. Then he gets her home and Ami apologises to sanjay for her misbehaviour n says that he is her only best friend. Then they go home n find out that Shruti has gone somewhere from the house. Khushboo is crying a lot n asks sanjay to find Shruti soon. The screen freezes on sanjay’s face.

Precap:- Ami n khushboo cry n both say that they want Shruti to come back soon. Then khusboo says that dad(sanjay) never breaks his promise.

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  1. kjayamaha
    December 30, 23:00 Reply

    kushbu is so sweet and her acting is so real

  2. fan
    December 30, 13:18 Reply

    its stupid how they made shruti character having aids. like really? I guess they have nothing else to go by.

  3. Zainab
    December 27, 14:14 Reply

    You are wrong rekha, do dil bandhe ek dori is 100% better than this show
    This show is just full of crap before starting the show the first promo shows that the story is about ami
    She doesn’t care about studies,she’s in her world alone,ranbir kapoor’s freak whatever but it turns to saas aur bahu show
    Almost all the shows is about saas aur bahu drama am tired of that!
    And they end a very Good and sweet show(PV2) for this what a shame!

  4. pukituku
    December 27, 13:55 Reply

    so Zeetv ends PV2 to leave series like this and do dil ek bande…too bore the living daylights out of all. Poor strategy!

  5. Ayu
    December 27, 13:26 Reply

    Plz stoo this serial soon. ..its crap story.

    • Rekha
      December 27, 13:30

      Well it sure is better than Do Dil bande ek rishta…thats pure crap!!!!

    • Lima
      December 27, 14:36

      Hey , right now it’s Dol Armaanoon Ki is the worst!

    • Lori
      December 29, 00:44

      Sorry Rekha, but DDBEDS is much better than this show. Somewhere the storyline in KHZ has gotten lost. This happened in PV2 for awhile, too. Somehow they got it back on track though. I hope it happens for KHZ, but it is also doing poorly in the ratings. They also have replaced Ulka Gupta with Hally Shah recently under questionable circumstances from what I have read. A lot of he said, she said there.

      I will say that lately it seems when an actor departs the company paints them as unprofessional. I’ve seen it on this show and on QH with the departure of Karan Singh Grover.

      This show is presently a waste of space. Sorry to say, but I change the channel when it pops on and just read the updates here to see if anything interesting has happened in the story. Presently it is rated on I-F as 51!

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