Kuldeepak 1st August 2017 Written Update

Kuldeepak 1st August 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Kuldeepak 1st August 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Chriagh comes home and tells everyone that they kidnapped Vash. They are dazed. Kidnappers check that only vash in the car and Chiragh is gone. He says what will we do. Police is coming. Lets go from here. We will leave before she opens the bag. The drop the bag at Kamiya’s place.
Kamiya gives them money. Kamiya opens the bag and sees that its vash. She says they fooled me. I will kill them. she looks at vash and says wow its you.
Even better. She says I will kill you now. Why are you scared? I will make you my pawn and then vidya my puppet.
Kamiya calls vidya and says your vash is here. Vidya says don’t do anything to her. Kamya says she is alive. Vash says please save me. Kamiya says bring chiragh here and take this vash from here.

Shanti says to vidya you are responsible for all this. You will pay for vash’s life. Madahva says please save her., She is my life. Vidya says I won’t let anything happen to vash. I will bring her back. Manjial says if we had given chiragh to kamiya this won’t happen. Chiragh says what is ba saying. Why are you all talking about kamiya? Vidya says go to your room. Vidya says we will get vash back and leave this house. Manjila says how will you face kamiya? vidya says i don’t know. But I can’t risk life of another child for my mine.

Vash is reading mantra. Kamiya says stop it. It hurts her. Kamiya says your vidya can’t do anything. I wont’ let you go from here.
Vidya says in temple please give me strength. Vash is suffering because of me. Its my and your test.
Diwan says I will come with you vidya. Manjila says better give her what she wants. Vidya says to diwan i want to talk to you in person. They go in room. Vidya locks him there. He says open the door. Sh says I won’t open the door. i can’t risk your life. Diwna says stop vodya. She runs out.

Kamiya says you have ruined all my plans. You will play for all the things you have done. How dare you come in our way. Enough. UYou and your vidya will see. She throws stiff at her but vash saves herself each time. Kamiya picks a chair and shoves it on Vash.

Precap-Kamiya says chiragh kill this vash and your mom;. You will be powerful. Chirgah moves towards them. .

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