Kuldeepak 24th July 2017 Written Update

Kuldeepak 24th July 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Kuldeepak 24th July 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kamiya says to vidya I told you I don’t like to lose. Give me chiragh or I will kill diwan. If you want diwan to be alive don’t imagine testing chirgah. Give me chiragh and I will send your husband home.
Vidya is worried. She is crying. Sheila comes in and says what happened. Vidya says Kamiya has kidnapped Diwan. She will kill him if I don’t give him chiragh. Sheila says stay strong. Vidya says I don’t know if I should think as a mom or wife. I will lose in both cases. Sheila says why don’t you tell everyone? Vidya says chiragh’s reality will be exposed. That way I will lose him forever.

Chiragh comes to Vidya and says I don’t like pooja. Should I go and play in outhouse? Sheila says play in your room. Chirgah says no I wanna play in
outhouse. You cancelled my picnic. I will complain papa that you lied to me.
Manjila starts the pooja. Manjila says vidya when will diwan come? Vidya is silent. She says Diwan will be late. Manjila says start the pooja. Pandit ji starts pooja.

Diwan opens his eyes. He says open the door. Kamiya opens the door. Chiragh says is this your house? I have no clue how I came here. What are you doing here? She says this is my house. He says how I came to your house? She says no more questions. You are in my detention. I locked you here in this room. When you were waiting for taxi someone came behind you and fainted you. Diwan says what stupid joke is this. I have to go. She stands in her way. She says until I allow you to go you can’t go. Sit there without questions. Chiragh says what non sense. Kamiya throttles him and says don’t try to fight me like your wife. If she cared about you she won’t have taken so long to decide. Kamiya says call your wife and ask her to bring chirgah here and take you. Diwan says I will never say that to her. Vidya was right about you. I regret it today. She says if you want to save your life calls your wife and ask her to give me chiragh or your game is over. Diwan throttles her and says you will never have my son. You have kidnapped a government officer thats a crime. She might choose her son over you. Your life is in my hands.
Vidya shouts Diwan.. Manjila says what happened? Sheila says her hand burned.

Sheial says should we tell police? Vidya says no that way everyone will know what chiragh is,.
Once I get to know where she has kept Diwan I will go there. Vidya says I can call chirag’s teacher and ask her for Kamiya’s address. She calls the teacher. She says I will give you in a while after checking from school records.
Alpesh says to manjila no one knows about Diwan. Where he is. Manjilaa says where has he been? is he in trouble? Alpesh says don’t worry.

Diwan says why is Kamiya doing all this? Why she wants chiragh? he sees her phone on the ground. He picks her phone and calls home. Manjial picks up. Diwan says ba.. Kamiya has kidnapped me. Manjila says what.. Kamiya is coming back to get her phone. manjila says why? Diwan says I don’t know that either. She has some really dark intentions. He hears her coming. He throws her phone.
Kamiya comes in the room and takes her phone. She locks the door.
Alpesh says why would kamiya kidnap diwan? Manjial says exactly. ALpesh says what could be the reason?

Kamiya calls Vidya and says you asked the school teacher for my address? She called me and asked me. I told her I will give you my address. You are so stupid. You have time till tomorrow morning give me chriagh or prepare to be a widow. Shanaya overhears all this.
Alpesh says we should tell vidya. She might know what kamiay wants. Shanaya comes and says I know what Kamiya wants. She wants chiragh in return of Diwan. Vidya knows all this already. That is why she was scared in pooja. Manjila says why she concealed it from us? Shanaya says exactly. Manjila says vidya come downstairs. Vidya and sheila come. Manjila says why has kamiya kidnapped diwan? Why she wants chirgah? shanaya says yes tell us truth. Manjila says your silence is scaring me. Manjial says call police. Viday says no ba.. She falls from the floor but chiragh floats her in the air with his powers. Everyone is dazed. Vidya says in heart everyone knows his reality now. How will I answer them.

Precap-Manjila says tell us what is chiragh’s reality.
Viday says your doubts were right. Chiragh is demon. Manjial says give chiragh to kamiya and get diwan back. Vidya says I won’t let you take chiragh out of this house.

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