Kuldeepak 27th July 2017 Written Update

Kuldeepak 27th July 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Kuldeepak 27th July 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Manjila says we have to decide something. We can’t keep chriagh here. Alpesh says we should talk to vidya and diwan first. Manjila says they will be emotional. Shanaya says its clear. We can’t keep him here. he can harm anyone. Manjila says at niht we will take chiragh and give her to vidya.

Diwan says to vidya you were lying right? Chiragh can’t be a devil.
Alpesh manjila and shanay come to chiragh’s room. Alpesh picks him up. Vash wakes up. Manjila says do you have her address? He says yes. Vash stands on the door. She says I won’t let you take him. Vidya ma asked me to take care of him.
Vidya and diwan hear the noise. Chiragh opens his red eyes. Alpesh is scared.
Chiragh pulls rope and ties it around Alpesh and shanaya. They scream with fear. Diwan and vidya come downstairs. Diwan is dazed.
Vidya says chiragh leave them please. Chiragh faints. Manjila says chiragh live here. We were taking him to kamiya. Vidya says how can yoy do that? Manjila says I know you are his kmom but he is a devil. You saw what he did? He will kill us all. Vodya says give me once chance. I have a solution. SHe tells the solutions she read in the book.

Scene 2
Next morning, Vidya does arti. Vahs says is there a devil in him? Are devils real? Vidya says yes devils are real. Vash says so that explains all the weird things. Will that solution help him? i will help you in that test. Chiragh will be okay.

Vidya and sheila come to chiragh’s room and start. They read a mantra. Chiragh rolls on the bed. Kamiya says why can’t I connect with chiragh? Heis in trouble.
Chiragh screams. He says why can’t I see. I can’t see. Vidya hugs him.
Vidya comes downstairs. Manjila says what happened? Vidya says the devil is in his eyes. We have just one option. We have to kill his light of eyes.

Precap-Vidya gives chiragh and book and says learn to read from it. He says this is for blind people and I am not blind.
Diwan says what if he loses his vision and the devil is still there?

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