Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2019 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pallavi that he wants Abhi’s signature. Pallavi goes to bring his signature. Abhi and Vikram come out of the cupboard. Purab thinks he is suffocating in his marriage. He turns and sees Disha. He says sorry. Disha says we are not meant to be together and asks him not to look at her tears which flows out unknowingly. She says she is upset with herself for loving him. Aaliya calls Purab. Purab tries to go and tells that Aaliya is unwell. Disha says I am not your extra marital affair which you want to hide. Aaliya comes there. Abhi and Vikram argue while keeping the jewellery back in cupboard. Vikram keeps the jewellery back while Abhi keeps the bedsheet. He says it was your idea. Vikram says you will get me divorced. Pallavi comes there and sees them. Aaliya says

it is good that you came with CM, else and threatens her. She asks him not to come in her talks. Disha says she has moved on. Aaliya says she came to our party intentionally, knowing CM will come here and asks what she is doing in our room. She asks her to be in party and not to enter inside the house. She asks her not to forget that her limitation is outside. Disha says it is good that today is your anniversary else I would have given you a fitting reply. Aaliya says Purab is mine always and says if I see you with him again then I will not leave you. She says you had said that your sindoor, mangalsutra and rounds make him yours, and says same thing implies to me, it is all mine now..you will lose infront of them. Disha goes. Aaliya tells that she don’t want to handle the situation like this and says I was scared and had to do something. I was scared to lose you.
Pallavi tells Abhi that she was searching him and says thief is inside. Vikram says thief wants to meet him. Pallavi asks thief to take Abhi’s autograph. Vikram opens the cupboard and says thief is not here. Abhi opens the cupboard and takes out the blanket with jewellery. Pallavi says thief was good to leave her jewellery and wishes to take selfie with him. Vikram says you didn’t take pic with me. He says you said that your husband is miser. Abhi asks them to continue argument and leaves. Prachi finds Disha shattered and runs to her. Disha says she is fine and asks her not to trust anyone.

Purab asks Disha to listen to him. Disha says Aaliya told me about my limitations. Purab says sorry for whatever Aaliya had said. Disha says she is not affected by her words. Purab says I can see. She says your betrayal was bad. Purab says when did I betray you? She asks him to look at himself in the mirror and says my Purab ji was not selfish. Purab says it was not my mistake. Disha asks him to say what was not her mistake. She goes. Hritik comes and collides with Purab. He tells her that CM wants Disha at her side and tells that they are business partners. Purab says I thought? He says boyfriend and girl friend? He asks him not to say that infront of her and says she gets upset hearing this and tells that he can’t be committed and marry anyone.

The Episode starts with Pujan Pandey telling Suman that he never let himself stain and says the world will not change with your mistake, I will end your mistake and will make it history. Suman asks what you will do? Pujan Pandey gets water in the mud pot and puts water on her head. She shouts Badal. Badal reaches there and hears her screams. He is about to come inside, but the goon holds her. Suman sits down shattered and asks do you think that relations end this way. She cries badly. Pujan says relation and Badal both will end. He says this girl married him, had relation with her and ran away. He asks Rukmani if she knew that Suman has relation with that guy. Rukmani nods no. Pujan Pandey says you are weak and couldn’t figure out, so you have to bear punishment for the same. He asks her to wipe sindoor from Suman’s maang.

Prachi tells Shahana that she met Maasi. Shahana asks whom? Prachi says who had come to meet Maa at our house and says she was crying badly. She says she will call Maa. Pragya and Sarita behen play ludo. Pragya says she loses with the family members happily. Sarita behen says family members sometime make us lose in life too. Prachi calls from Shahana’s phone. Pragya says Sarita ji is better. Prachi says she met Disha Maasi and she was crying badly, looking worried.

Precap: Ranbir starts feeling for Prachi. Purab tells Abhi that he has seen hatred in Disha’s eyes. Abhi says Disha can never hate you.

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