Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi asking Ranbir to move back. Ranbir asks why you are stopping me, when I know very well that you love me and when you know this too. Prachi says this is wrong. Ranbir says this is truth that you love me, you told me in inebriated state that Akshay and your marriage is fake, and says I want to know the reason that you are with the guy like Akshay, and asks what is stopping you to return to me. Prachi says you just said that I was not in my senses, and that’s why I might have told that. She says I am wearing mangalsutra and kumkum and is staying with Akshay’s family. She asks how to prove it, shall I call Akshay, hug him and…Ranbir shouts stop it. Prachi asks him to move back. Ranbir asks why shall I go far. Prachi says if you do this again then I will forget that how Mihika will feel and will answer you, so don’t do this. Ranbir thinks I know Prachi…you are with Akshay and is acting to be his wife, but there is a reason for that and I shall find out before my marriage with Mihika. He comes out of kitchen. Akshay asks why did you go to kitchen and asks what he was doing with his wife. He tells Ranbir that he is talking to him. Ranbir stamps on his foot, and asks him not to force him to become a bad person. Akshay says if you want me to clap seeing you flirting with my wife. He says I will question you, as it is the matter about my wife. Ranbir says something you don’t know, and something I don’t know and everyone here also don’t know something, if that thing comes out then all the secrets will be out and then you say my wife..

The designer says it seems my assistant came. Divya says I will open the door. Designer says she will open the door. Divya says she will open the door. Ashok asks designer to let Divya open the door and says she don’t do anything. Divya opens the door. The assistant brings clothing for the gents. Vishaka asks Prachi to select clothes for Akshay and asks Mihika to select clothes for Ranbir. Ashok says I will select clothes for Abhay. He selects clothes, but Abhay says he will choose himself. Mihika and Prachi select the clothes for Ranbir and Akshay. Ranbir and Akshay come there. Vishaka shows the kurtas to them. Ranbir likes the clothes selected by Prachi and asks Mihika if it is her choice. Prachi says it was selected by me, but was first chosen by Mihika. Mihika says it is my choice. Akshay says he will select some other clothes. Mihika thanks the designer for bringing clothes at the short notice.

Vikram knocks on the door and comes inside. Dida asks since when he has become formal and reminisces his childhood days and says if he was so obedient before then he would have been astronaut today. Vikram asks why you are complaining to me about myself and asks her to get ready to give shagun to Mihika. Pallavi comes there and asks Dida why she is not ready yet. Dida says she has slight fever thinking about Ranbir. Vikram says how we can go now to give shagun. Pallavi says shagun. Vikram says we will take shagun tomorrow on mehendi day. Pallavi is about to call. Dida says she must be calling Vishaka. Pallavi says she is only wise there.

Vishaka asks manpreet to ask the jeweller to come home with all the good designs. Manpreet says if we go to the jewellery store then will get confusion, and asks her to call jeweller home. Pallavi calls Vishaka and tells that Dida is unwell, so we can’t come today. Manpreet comes there and takes the call. She asks pallavi to take care of Dida and says we shall talk in night and can postpone the function if she is not well still. Pallavi says she has fever due to exertion. After ending the call, Vishaka asks if she is done and goes.

Abhay asks Akshay why you are getting ready, as I know that you are not going anywhere. Akshay recalls Ranbir’s words and says I have to go, as there is a big problem which needs to be solved. Abhay asks what is the problem? Akshay says the problem is difficult, when it gets solved then I will tell you. He says if I try today, then it may solve tomorrow and asks him to say all the best. Abhay says all the best. Akshay thinks Ranbir…you don’t know what I am going to do, I am Akshay Tandon and I am not low than you.

Mihika looks at herself in the mirror and recalls Ranbir’s words that any clothes look good on prachi. She gets upset and jealous and acts crazy messing up with her hair. Divya comes there and asks what you are doing? Mihika asks if I am not beautiful? Divya says yes, you are beautiful. Mihika asks if I am more beautiful than Prachi bhabhi. Divya says yes. Mihika says now you are lying. Divya says you likes Prachi a lot. Mihika says I don’t like her, I hate her as acts to be good with her. She says she is like a poison to me, as she was with my Ranbir.

She says she acts to hug her happily, as she was with my Ranbir and her magic still works on Ranbir. She says Prachi selected dress and had given me, and I will wear it as Ranbir liked it. She says I will settle scores with Prachi. Divya hugs her to calm down. Mihika looks on like crazy, obsessed with Ranbir.

Ranbir and Prachi think about each other. Ranbir says Prachi couldn’t keep me away from her heart as I stay in her heart and she can never go far away from me. Abhay comes to Akshay and asks her not to drink much, and says Prachi will know. Akshay says how Prachi will know, as I stay in your room. He says I love Prachi very much and can do anything for her. He says I don’t understand, why she doesn’t see my love for her, I have done so much for her, but she has no feelings for me, I love her so much.

Prachi says I love Ranbir..I love him very much and had loved only him, but I will never tell him, as whenever I had told him, he gave me pain, tears and sadness in return. Ranbir says now there will be no pain, I want happiness in my life, how much I will compress my feelings. He says I will do anything for my happiness. Akshay says I want my share of happiness and will do anything for it. Prachi says I want my share of happiness, and I will do anything to get her and that’s my daughter Khushi. Ranbir says my happiness is my daughter Khushi and Prachi. Akshay says I want my Prachi. Abhay asks where did you go in afternoon. Akshay says tomorrow when I return home, Prachi will fall in love with me and will hold my hand.

Next morning, Mihika tells Divya that she will help Prachi Bhabhi. She acts sweet and offers help. Prachi gives her work. Ranbir comes there and offers his help. He says today is the love day, as Krishna ji is born and he used to do true love. Manpreet asks him to make rangoli. Ranbir says I love it. Mihika asks if you know how to make it. Ranbir says I am champion and has been doing it since my childhood. Mihika says you are making so good, and Akshay doesn’t know it. Ranbir says then also Prachi married him. Mihika gets upset. Vishaka thinks Prachi has forgotten you, but you couldn’t forget her.

Episode ends.

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