Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranbir asking Kaya if she is fine. Kaya asks him to take left and then right, and asks him to drive fast, and asks if he is driving bullock cart. Ranbir asks if you are fine. Kaya looks at the car coming. She asks him to stop the car. Ranbir asks shall I take you to doctor. Kaya sees the car going from there, and says I am fine, I need water. She drinks. Ranbir asks her to drink carefully. Kaya asks him to drive fast and says I don’t have all day. Ranbir thinks what happened to her suddenly. Prachi tells Dadi that she is making French cries and paneer paratha. She asks Dadi what flavor cake shall make? Dadi asks her to make chocolate cake. Prachi says it is my favorite too and tells that she is feeling something. Dadi says happiness is seen on your face. Prachi says she is feeling like her mother and feels peace, and hugs her. She says when I hug her, I feel like I hugged Panchi for the first time. She says she was feeling empty and had drowned herself in work, she used to stay in office for longer time, and I used to think about work also, but today I forgot to go for important meeting, I was feeling peaceful to stay with Khushi. She says this is my Panchi, like my Panchi. She says she feels the same, when she had hugged Panchi. Dadi says Khushi is also of Panchi’s age.

Prachi says I saw many girls of her age, but when I touch her, something happens to my heart. She hugs her. Dadi says sometimes we get related to someone by our souls, and says that little girl also feel you like your mother, and told that if she tells anything at home, she will get scolded, but here she is ordering you. Prachi puts the French cries in the hot oil and the oil spilled on her hands. She shouts. Khushi and Shahana run to Prachi. Khushi gets cold water from fridge and bowl from kitchen. She makes Prachi put her hand on the cold water. She then scolds her for being careless and then tells that she is sad as she is hurt. Prachi says you made all my pain go away. Khushi says I will become doctor when grown up. Prachi hugs her.

Ranbir is with Kaya still in the car. Kaya sees the car behind their car and is still scared.
Kaya asks him to drive fast. She then asks him to stop the car, when they reach office. Ranbir asks Kaya to stop and asks her to tell what is the problem? Kaya says you are a big problem, I have to tell you many times, to drive fast. She says I shouldn’t have taken you for shopping and says they couldn’t talk about work also. Ranbir sits in the car and thinks he left Khushi because of her. He thinks she has spoiled all his mood. He thinks to go to Khushi’s flower shop.

Prachi makes Khushi have the food. Khushi coughs. Prachi asks her to see up and makes her drink water. Shahana asks did you see? Dadi says yes. Shahana says Prachi is making her have the food with so much love, and tells that if Panchi would have been with her, then she would be like her. She says Prachi couldn’t be with Panchi even for a day. Prachi asks Panchi to finish all the last three bites. She makes her have it, saying first it is of her, second is of shahana maasi. Khushi says Maasi. Shahana says yes. Prachi says last one is of Dadi.

Prachi gets a call and goes to attend the call. Dadi asks Khushi why she gets upset. Khushi tells that she don’t have Maasi, or Dadi. She says I saw a guy coming to meet Maayi, and when I call him Papa, he tells that he is not my Papa. She says Juhi tells that I shall make him, as my Papa. Prachi tells them that there is a problem in office, so she has to go. Khushi asks her to drop her. Prachi says ok. Khushi says bye to them and leaves. Ranbir comes to the flower shop and asks the guy about Khushi. The guy tells that someone bought all her flowers today, so she must be at home. He tells him the way to her house. Ranbir thinks what is his connection with Khushi?

Ranbir comes to Laali and asks her about Khushi. Laali says Juhi’s father told me that a rich woman had come in the car and took her in car for shopping. Ranbir asks her not to scold her when she returns home. Laali tells that she is my daughter and not yours. She says they need money, and says rich woman took her to buy clothes for her. She says my world is Khushi and Khushi’s world is me. She says my world is this much. Ranbir asks her to call him when Khushi returns, and please try not to scold her. She takes the card from him. Prachi gets down from the car and is coming with Khushi. Ranbir sits in his car. Laali sees Khushi and says I got my life back. She acts sweet. Prachi says it is my mistake, I should have informed you. Laali says if your daughter goes without telling you, then you would have been worried too. Prachi says she is lovely and understanding and gives clothes for her. Laali thanks her. Prachi tells Khushi that she will leave now, and asks her to take care. Khushi asks her to smile always. Laali asks her to thank aunty. Prachi waves bye. Naina music plays..Laali says thank you. Prachi looks at Khushi. Khushi gets emotional.

Precap: Dadi tells Prachi to adopt a girl to forget the loss of losing Panchi. Khushi asks Dida to open her mouth to have medicine, and says she comes to know who loves her.

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