Kumkum Bhagya 1st October 2019 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st October 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 1st October 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Priyanka asking Pragya to take her necklace and get her married to Rishi. She says my family is rich and will gift you many necklaces after marriage. Pragya asks what are you saying and says I am asking you to concentrate on your studies and career, and you are saying this. She gives back the necklace. Priyanka says she can concentrate on studies and career later. Pragya says I will talk to your family when the right time comes and asks her to go from there. Priyanka goes inside and gets the knife in her hand. She threatens to slit her hand and commit suicide. She says my life and career is Rishi and asks her to give him to her. She asks her to get her married to Rishi and asks her to promise. Pragya says I will talk to him and snatches knife from her hand. She asks are you

mad? you don’t love him, but is obsessed with him. She says you need a treatment. She asks her to talk to family and asks her to call the guy who slapped Rishi. She asks her to call him and tell him everything. Vikram tells Abhi that obsession remains for just few days. Abhi says who is lecturing me. He says it was not nice, how Rishi talked to Priyanka. Vikram says everyone knows your mischief. He says everyone becomes mischievous in love. Abhi thinks of Pragya and him.
A fb is shown, he tells Pragya that he couldn’t play the happy music. He says lets have an adult talk. He lies on her lap. Dasi comes there and calls them to have food. Abhi says she asked him to check the insects in her stomach. He tells that Pragya is having pain in her stomach. Dadi says I have a solution and calls Disha asking her to bring Neem juice. Disha brings the juice. Dadi asks Pragya to drink it. Abhi says it has bitter smell. Dadi says insects will die and asks Pragya to drink. Pragya drinks a bit and coughs. Abhi takes glass from her hand and drinks it. Fb ends. Vikram says you drank bitter drink for Pragya. He says you loved her so much. Abhi says he had an arrange marriage and then love happens. Priyanka calls Abhi, but he doesn’t pick the call. Later he picks the call, but call ended. Pragya calls him. He also calls priyanka’s number. Priyanka says he might be calling me and the phone will be busy. Pragya says I will call him from my phone and writes down the number. Priyanka asks her if she wants to get her daughters’ married to Rishi. Pragya shouts at her and asks her not to roam near Rishi again. Abhi thinks why Priyanka is calling me. Tempo guy comes and tells that he has kept all the things.

In the college, Dimpy tells Rhea and Prachi whatever the latter told to Shahana. Shaina says Rhea is supermodel and is comfortable in whatever she wears. Rhea says she will win the fashion show wearing Indian clothes and will win also. Prachi says she thought her wrong. Shahana goes home. Prachi sees Ranbir playing football and smiles looking at him. Ranbir sees her and asks what? She nods nothing and goes. Ranbir thinks to become like Rishi. Rishi sees spare key with himself and calls Shahana, asking her to pick the keys from him and come to his office.

Priyanka is leaving when Sarita behen comes and asks why she came? Priyanka hugs her. Sarita behen says I have forgiven you. Priyanka says I can’t see your grand son’s life ruined and tells that some people are stopping her and ruining his career. She says she wants to marry Rishi, but Pragya and her daughters stopping her. She says Rishi will become rich marrying her, which Pragya don’t want. Sarita behen says Pragya saved you from and you are saying this. She says I was right about you that you are spoilt girl. Priyanka says Pragya wants to get Shahana marry Rishi and wants to spoil his life. Sarita behen tells that they have already planned Rishi and Shahana’s marriage and did their roka and asks her to just leave. Priyanka cries and goes to her car. She shouts on the road hitting her leg on the car. Driver makes her sit and takes her. Beeji tells Priyanka’s Dadi that she will make her meet Ranbir.

Priyanka comes there and sits angrily. Her dadi asks what happened? Priyanka says she wants to go on a vacation and don’t want to do a job. Beeji thinks if Abhi scolded her and calls him. Abhi is in the office and picks the call. He asks if she wants to show nail paint or saree. Beeji says did you talk to Priyanka and tells that she came angrily and telling that she wants to go and don’t want to do job. Abhi says I will talk to her. He calls Priyanka and asks if she wants to go because of Rishi. She says yes. Abhi asks her to come to office and talk to him. Priyanka says ok.

Precap: Priyanka goes near Shahana to stab her. Pragya tells Shahana that Priyanka is mad. Priyanka hugs Rishi and kisses on his neck.

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