Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2018 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2018 Written Update by Sona

Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2018 Written Episode

Police arrest Sangram Singh after Abhi has beaten him badly. Sangram speaks to Disha that she could never understand his love. Pragya consoles Disha who was tensed.
Simonika was furious over Abhi and Pragya and determined not to spare their life so easily while she was underground in an assistant’s residence.
Dadi was crying about her children being in pain. Abhi was ready to fulfil any of their wish. Dadi says it will take months, not minutes. Abhi promises to get her anything. Dadi says her world would change if one of their wish is fulfilled. Abhi says he got a contract for a concert in Europe and will take them both along. Dadi demands a new world in her own house. Pragya was shy and runs away. Dadi whispers something in Pragya’s ears. She runs away while Dadi doesn’t let Abhi

Pragya comes to a room where the wedding bed had been decorated. She decides to tell Abhi all the truth about being Pragya today. Abhi walks into the room acting awkward and rubs the rose petals on the bed over his face. Pragya asks if he is drunk, he gulps some more from the bottle. He says he sensed he drank today as he knew something good is going to happen to him. He calls her Munni. Pragya says she will give him a good name to call her, not this Munni. She was saddened as Abhi wasn’t in a state to hear anything, he fell on the bed to sleep. Pragya was upset that he isn’t in a state to listen. Abhi thinks he would now revenge Pragya for teasing him all along. Pragya was determined to tell him the truth today. Abhi poses to be strongly drunk and not focusing on what she was saying. She tries to tell him again but this time he touches her face, then holds her glass frame singing about her eyes. Abhi now jokes about her nose. He says he has had enough, she already wasted half an hour and he is sleepy now. Pragya deters to push him out of here if he doesn’t listen. Abhi was ready to leave with his pillow and blanket, complementing the decorations she made. Pragya was upset about ruining all the plan.
Outside, Abhi thinks she will now be sleepless, but it’s alright as he spent a number of nights sleepless. He watches Pragya in the corridor and poses to be asleep. Pragya was upset and thinks she must tell him tonight as Purab and Disha said. She can’t live without him as well. Abhi enjoys teasing Pragya.
Pragya knocks at Purab and Disha’s door. Purab was shouting in dream, Disha wakes him up upon Pragya’s knock. She was worried as they open the door. Pragya was upset and furious at once. Pragya says she did whatever they asked her for. She complains he is completely drunk. Purab thinks Abhi can’t be drunk tonight. Pragya complains he was calling her as Munni. Purab says he thinks of her as Munni, its only her mistake. Disha tells Pragya that she must be a Maha Rani now, be Pragya and bring in an attitude of a queen. Purab stands up as Disha shows the same attitude to Purab. Pragya was determined to tell Abhi the truth. They clap as Disha and Purab had urged her to tell Abhi tonight, and take her out of the room. Dadi watched them being so perfect.
Pragya comes to the room and find Abhi sleeping on the bed. She teases him with a leaf but he doesn’t wake up. She whispers into his ear but he doesn’t move. She walks away and returns with a glass of water. Before she could pour it, he sits up asking what she is doing? Pragya questions if he woke up before she could do something. Abhi asks to drink the water. He lay down again to sleep. Pragya turns around annoyed.

PRECAP: Pragya tells Abhi she cried each night she was away from him. She has only a single answer to every question of his, she is the real Pragya.

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