Kumkum Bhagya 28th July 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th July 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 28th July 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi beating Gautam. Pragya asks Abhi to leave him. She asks Gautam to speak up and asks are you okay? Abhi says he is not yet dead. Pragya says what you have done with him and asks why he came here? Abhi asks her to come with him and says neither this place nor this guy is right. Pragya says she came with him here and tells him that she will meet whoever she wants and it is her wish and her life. Abhi asks her to hire some security guards to get saved from men like him. Pragya says neither I need a security guard to protect myself nor do I need a goon like you for my protection, says she knows well from whom she shall protect herself. She asks him to stay away from her. Abhi is shocked. Pragya says you are nothing for me, rather than just a stranger. Abhi asks if I am nothing to you. He pulls her closer to her and asks why are you doing this with me. Pragya says you have lost all the rights and says it can’t be back. He asks her to show her anger to him. Pragya asks him to go and show his attitude to his wife Tanu. Abhi says whenever you call Tanu as my life, I feel bad. Pragya says if he is sad to see her moving on. He says he had come to give the car keys and says he heard Gautam talking about her, and came to know that he wanted to come closer to her. Pragya says who are you to do this and tells that may be she wants to go closer to him. Abhi says don’t think all this, you are mine. Pragya says I am nothing to you, who was yours is dead 2 years ago and the one who is standing infront of you is Sushma ji’s daughter and her likes are different. Abhi says you can’t be my Pragya, as my Pragya can’t push me. He says my Pragya knows only to love and you don’t know anything rather than hatred. Pragya says atleast you understood. Abhi says I understood that I shall not stop someone if he/she is digging the pit. He asks her to have party and says I will not come to disturb you. Pragya says you will come, if you get time from Tanu. She asks him to end the talk. Abhi takes the drink and says matter is ended, you don’t like me, but like him, so come with him, why shall I go in taxi? He takes keys from her hand and goes. Pragya asks Gautam if he is fine. Security guards come to Gautam. Pragya comes to Abhi. Abhi says one can defeat me with just love and drives off. He says love is over and thinks he will defeat her. Pragya thinks she is lost everything and there is nothing to defeat.

Sushma sees Abhi’s car and asks the driver to take the car to Pragya’s car. Abhi asks Sushma to keep Pragya stay away from that man, and tells that he had seen a different pragya altogether. Sushma says Pragya needs to stay away from just one man and that is you. Sushma asks driver to take her to farmhouse. Sushma comes there. Gautam tells Sushma about the mechanic beating him. Sushma says some people couldn’t see others’ happiness. She asks where is Pragya? Gautam says she took my car and said that will send it with driver. Sushma asks if he had beaten you much and says you shall file a police complaint. Gautam says no and says maybe that guy had suffered due to circumstances. Sushma thinks he couldn’t bear it. Gautam thinks he had ruined his plans and beaten him much.

Abhi thinks of Pragya’s words and meets with an accident. Pragya senses something and gets restless. Abhi is fine and looks on. Servant asks if she shall ask the driver to take out the car. Pragya says no. Beeji tells Pallavi that she can’t hide from her, how much she loves her son. She says my son got 2nd attack and wanted to stop Prachi and Ranbir. Pallavi says Vikram doesn’t like Prachi. Beeji says we are talking about love, which a mother has for her son. Pallavi asks what do you want to say. Beeji says Vikram wants his son and wants him to be back. Pallavi says Ranbir can’t come here. Beeji says if you can think about you son then I can think about my son too. Pallavi says I didn’t stop him from coming in this house. Beeji says you had always blamed Prachi for snatching Ranbir, but the real reason for you, as Prachi never stopped him from coming here. She says whatever happened with Vikram, is due to you and says I don’t want to call you guilty and don’t want to punish him. She says save your husband, let Ranbir come here, don’t keep any condition infront of him. She says Vikram needs Ranbir, call him back. She says if anything happens to Vikram, then I can’t live.

Abhi thinks wine was good, that he drank fully. He thinks he had damaged Pragya’s car and thinks to leave it in the garage. Pragya thinks of Abhi beating Gautam and telling that she can’t be his Pragya. Sushma comes to Pragya and says Gautam refused to file FIR. Pragya says did Gautam call you. Sushma says I went there. She says Abhi still thinks you as his wife and can’t bear to see Gautam and you together. She says it is good that Gautam hasn’t filed FIR and says your name would have been ruined. She asks her to think about her work. Pragya says one thing she can’t digest and says those who don’t have anything to lose, can do anything.

Precap: Tanu tells Abhi that her life is destroyed because after she married him. He asks her to leave. Tanu says that she will live with all rights. Aaliya comes there and tells him that Sushma has come with Police, maybe to get him arrested.

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