Kumkum Bhagya 30th January 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th January 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 30th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranbir and Prachi having a hug. It turns out to be Prachi’s imagination. She sees Ranbir and turns, covering herself with the shawl. Ranbir walks towards her and goes past her. Prachi gets tears in her eyes and goes from there. He doesn’t see her face, and thinks if she was crying. Prachi runs, collides with Kaya and says sorry. Kaya thinks there must be some story behind tears, and tells that someone must have broken her heart, and thinks she hates such women who lets make take advantage of them. Prachi recalls Ranbir asking her to leave, after blaming her for snatching their daughter. She cries. Ranbir collides with a girl and says sorry. The girl smiles and looks at him. Ranbir is coming to his office and sees boss and other employees standing on the way. Boss says good morning and hugs him. Ranbir asks boss, why is he welcoming him. Boss says you have done a big work, brought my daughter from airport. Ranbir says I have dropped her to the hotel also. He says your white lie was good, I was convinced when you told. Boss asks lie? Ranbir says you had said that your daughter was shy, introvert and don’t talk much, and says she is not helpless, but will make others helpless, and says she has so much attitude. He says I bear all my anger and can’t handle anyone temperament. Boss says you are too good. Ranbir says she asked me to sit as driver. He says I don’t sit with driver and your daughter. Boss says she is my daughter and tha’s why I am thanking you so much. He says my sweet Kaya messaged that Mr. Manager was not that bad. Ranbir asks what wrong did I do, that she is saying this. Boss tells Ranbir that his boss Malhotra is calling him, and picks the call. He asks Ranbir’s boss to give leave to him as he needs to be with kaya. Ranbir’s boss asks him to ask him. Ranbir refuses to go with Kaya.

He asks Boss to go with his daughter. Boss says she didn’t come home. Ranbir asks her to take her home being her father. Boss says he had thrown her pet dog once and she throw him out of her heart. He says he loves his daughter very much and asks him to be with her, until she is here. He says she will leave after few days. He says she will double my medicine if you refuses. The lady nods yes. Mr. Walia says you would have understood if you have a daughter. Ranbir gets emotional. Boss Mr. Walia folds his hands. Ranbir agrees to be with Kaya until she is here. Mr Walia gets happy and asks the lady to order pizza for everyone.

Prachi recalls seeing Ranbir and thinks why she is so much hurt like she was hurt many years ago. She says she doesn’t have any relation with Ranbir now, when she saw him, she wanted to run him and hug him and didn’t want him to go. She says why she is feeling like this, how to handle herself. She says she remembered everything, all the moments spent together, recalled all the pain, sorrows and wounds which he gave me. She says that’s why I didn’t want to come here, I was scared about what will I do, if he comes infront of me. She asks God not to let him see her, he shall not feel that she is here.

Ranbir looks at the sky and asks God why is he feeling Prachi to be near him. Aryan comes there and asks him to tell him. He says it is not good to wander for Prachi, and tells that Vikram uncle was so worried. Ranbir asks why? Aryan asks you are searching who is not alive in this world. Ranbir says until I am alive, she is alive and when I die, she will die. Aryan says she is in your heart. Ranbir says I am not a kid and feel her around me.

Prachi recalls hearing him in the airport and says why does she felt him there also. Ranbir tells that she is alive and tells that you will not understand as there was nobody in your life who becomes your life. Pallavi comes there and asks what happened? Ranbir says he is eating my brain. He asks Aryan not to say it again and scolds him. Pallavi asks him not to scold Aryan. She asks them to stay at home tomorrow. Ranbir says he has an important meeting. Pallavi asks Aryan to stay at home, as girl’s family is coming to see him. Aryan asks from where marriage thing has come. Pallavi says your Mom is not here, I am your Mom now and will get you married. She says she likes the girl and asks him to go and sleep, so that the girl shall like him, he shall be glowing. Ranbir says he will take sometime and will come. Aryan gets tensed. Pallavi says you shall get married now.

Prachi is sitting in the restaurant. Kaya comes there. Prachi says all tables are booked and asks her to sit with her if she wants. Kaya sits and introduces herself. She asks Prachi why she was crying. Ranbir rings the bell of Kaya’s hotel room. He then calls her. Kaya asks him to say. He says hi. She asks why he called. Ranbir asks her to come out else she can’t do the meeting for which she has come. Kaya says I am not in the room and asks him to come down, and have breakfast with her. She says atleast you will talk less while having food. Ranbir thinks why did I agree to Mr. Walia. Kaya tells Prachi that she has called her manager to have breakfast with them and says he is good human, but somewhat arrogant and egoistic. Ranbir calls her again and says he asked the floor manager to open the door, and tells that he will wait in the room. Kaya ends the call and tells may be he is not destined to meet you. She says he is good, but arrogant and egoistic. Prachi says it happens, we couldn’t identify people, they show themselves differently, have different reality, but when the real time comes then their true face is revealed. She says I had met few people, who promised me about everything and then snatched my everything.

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